H500s desktop uniquely combines a slim space-saving design with the latest processor technology and plenty of storage space for everyday home computing.


The affordable and space-saving Lenovo H500s desktop PC combines efficient Intel processor performance with amazing multimedia and vast storage capacity—perfect for home computing. Great for homework, email, home entertainment, storing photos and staying in touch with family and friends, the H500s has all the essentials to handle your family’s everyday computing needs with ease. 


At A Glance:
Compact casing is only 4″ by 12″ Windows 8.1 with Bing Integrated Intel HD graphics  7-in-1 card reader and USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports Integrated DVD drive Slim, space-saving USB keyboard, USB mouse  Easy access to hard drive and memory for simple upgrades
Slim Footprint, Contemporary Style

At only 4″ wide and 12″ tall, the Lenovo H500s is half the size of a standard desktop PC, keeping your work space tidy and adding an element of style with its tactile, brushed-metal facade.

High-Tech Entertainment.
Movies.Immerse yourself in movies with the built in DVD drive and surround sound support. Gaming.Enjoy HD graphics, killer gaming effects, and vibrant video with the integrated graphics card. USB AccuType Keyboard

Island-style, ergonomic keys allow more fluid, spacious, comfortable and accurate typing than standard keyboards.

Lenovo Rescue System

System files, applications, drivers, and even user files can all be backed up and recovered —quickly, easily

Lenovo Assistant

Keep it simple with Lenovo Assistant, an easy-to-use interface to organize your favorites, clean up history and junk files, and manage your PC’s network connections and energy consumption.

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

Move data quickly between your PC and other devices with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. It’s up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies and complements the convenience of the 7-in-1 card reader.

User-Friendly Features.

The sleek, contemporary Lenovo H500s mini tower desktops are designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Power button on topfor easy access Front-panel ports.Conveniently access USB ports — including, USB 2.0, headphone jack, the DVD player, and more from the front panel.  Room to expand. H500s mini tower desktops include lots of ports and expansion slots for your favorite electronic devices. 

2 thoughts on “Lenovo IdeaCentre H500s Slim Desktop (57327931) Black

  1. Mark Montgomery "Mark" says:

    Almost gave it 5 stars… This review is for the Lenovo H500s Slim Desktop, Model Number 57327931. I bought this computer for my teenage son’s room a couple of weeks ago. So far so good…Here are a few things you might want to know if you’re considering purchasing the H500s:1. Since there’s no picture or description on Amazon (or anywhere else, for that matter…) of what the back of the tower looks like, here’s a list, going from top to bottom, of the connections on the back of the unit:a. USB 3.0 portb. VGA monitor connectionc. Two USB 2.0 ports (you’ll probably end up plugging in the included keyboard and mouse to these two ports)d. Ethernet jacke. Microphone, Speaker, and audio line-in jacksf. Power cord connection that looks a lot like a USB port, except that the tongue is yellow instead of black or blue2. List of extra software that comes pre-installed on the computer (not including Windows 8 Store apps):a. Baidu PC…

  2. Michael Bruss says:

    Basic computer; works OK. It’s a basic desktop that offers a lot for the price. Get quite a bit in terms of processor, memory and hard drive space. Mouse and keyboard are not wireless. 4 USB-2; 1 USB-3 ports. Has ethernet and WiFi. DVD recordable (not blu-ray) drive. Has a fan on the CPU but not on the case. If you are going to use it in a hot environment, adding an external fan would be a good idea. Internal upgrading or add-on possibilities are limited. Adding more memory or a bigger hard drive are possible. There is a PCI-express slot, but the space and power for it are limited. If you want a computer with good upgrade options, spend a little more and get one with a bigger layout.Unfortunately, it comes with Win8 rather than Win7, and apparently Win7 can’t be installed on it. Uses an external, wart-on-a-cord power supply. Lenovo website is only fair in providing info on the unit. A basic user’s manual comes with the unit along with a DVD with drivers. However, there is a hardware…

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