LEN SV TS140 70A4000HUX Toweri3-4130 4G NO Raid 1c1p

2 thoughts on “Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 70A4000HUX i3-4130 3.4GHz Server Desktop Computer

  1. Shushera says:

    First impressions Received server today, so this is just quick feedback for all you thinking about it out there.I got it for use as home server, similar to what other people use HP mini server. Nicely built heavy metal case, sound dampening and quiet. No dust filters.Inside it has:280 W HE Bronze PSU.4 memory slots, One stick 4 Gb installed.5 SATA ports1 PCI slot, 2 PCI-E X16, 1 PCI-E X42 well ventilated HD inch bays with front fan blowing on them, 2 HDs more can be installed into slots that are not so well ventilated.2 display ports and 1 VGAThere are reports about these servers (this one and earlier version, TS130) not supporting certain OS (i.e. Ubuntu, Centos). I took 80 Gb Intel SSD with Lubuntu 13.4 from my Lenovo T420 laptop, plugged into SATA inside and booted Lubuntu in under 10 sec. Using it to write this review right now. I believe the problem is incorrect configuration of UEFI boot, suggest switching to legacy BIOS…

  2. Typhoon says:

    Lenovo Thinkserver TS140 70A4000HUX I have done a more in-depth review of the Xeon processor version of the TS140. This Intel i3-4130 is an only slightly less capable version of that one. This 4th generation i3-4130 is at least equivalent to a 3rd generation Intel i5 processor in terms of cache memory, and computational power.At the price I purchased this i3 version of the TS140 ($235) it was a no-brainer purchase. These TS140’s make great data servers for a SOHO environment if you add at least 4GB of ECC UDIMM RAM to get the dual memory feature. I have made really great HTPC’s for clients starting from this base TS140. If you compare the price to add a SSD OS drive and a HDD for storage, you still will be well under the price of buying the equivalent home or office PC. These TS140’s are just priced right.This server version came with only 4GB of RAM and no Drives. There are two empty 3.5″ drive bays with cheap plastic drive caddy’s already installed. While there are plenty of 15-pin…

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