Most Powerful 5 Port USB desktop Charger ever

Omaker- Open your mind,we are the maker

Omaker Desktop Usb Charger – powerful,smart,safe,compact

Born to charge

An industry-high 40 watts / 8.5 A through five ports charges all your phones, tablets and other devices simultaneously.

Smart for rapid charge

Smart amp-adjustment technology intelligently identifies your device to deliver its fastest possible charge.

Ultimate safety

UL certified design,light but powerful enough to charge up to five devices. Manufactured with the latest in fireproof materials,the USB charger is made with the safest and most advanced PCBA on the market.

Ultimate Style

stylish and compact designed,the multi-port rapid smart charge tower is a simple and elegant solution to all your charging needs.

2 thoughts on “[Most Powerful 5 Port USB Desktop Charger ever] Omaker Premium 40W 5V/8.5A 5-Port lightning Speed Desktop USB Charger with Smart Output Technology for family ,travel,office and so on (Black)

  1. Johny Tech Reviewer "Yes?" says:

    Works great, powerful, but have a slight draw back This charger resemble many other on the market with it slick, small size and soft ruberized finished. Of course Anker comes to mind when seeing this, and compare to the Anker version, it’s pretty much the same in term of size and technology. This Omaker USB charger is small yet powerful enough to charge up to 8.5A out of the 5 USB port. There is a small little green LED which will come on when you plug in the charger with the included 5 ft long power cable. Each of the port can ramp up to 2.4A but when all 5 ports are in used they will output the maximum load of 8.5A. Using this to charge my Ipad, Iphones and wireless headphones simultaneously yield normal charging speed just like if I was to use individual charger on them. Each port is smart enough to provide current needed for the device that’s plugged in. With an input voltage range of 100-240V, you can use this abroad, provided if you have the correct outlet plug adapter. I found the unit does get warm while charging my Ipad Air…

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