EmWave Desktop is a scientifically validated hardware/software system that teaches techniques to help you create an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and balanced. We call this coherence. emWave Desktop helps you achieve coherence through simple-to-learn exercises and feedback. Using a pulse sensor plugged into your USB port, emWave Desktop collects and translates HRV (heart rate variability) data into user-friendly graphics. Through coherence techniques, interactive exercises and game play, emWave Desktop helps you bring your heart and mind into a coherent state, building resilience, increasing energy, and promoting focus, mental clarity and emotional balance. emWave Desktop works on both PC and Mac systems.

3 thoughts on “emWave Desktop Stress Relief System

  1. MWPinSD says:

    emWave Desktop and/vs emWave2 PSR This is a review of both the emWave Desktop and emWave2 PSR, both purchased on Amazon. I am an owner of the original emWave, so this was not new to me. I had, however, used it for awhile and then just left is sitting in a drawer. With the stress building up this year on the job, I brought it back out. Then I discovered the emWave2 that allows you track your session, which I thought would be helpful. That got me to also looking at the emWave Desktop. I want to say upfront that the support and communication from HeartMath is excellent. 10 Stars for customer support. Through this process, I was asking a number of questions, and their responses were timely and informative! I thought, with a company this good, I can’t go wrong, so I ordered both. I’ve also started using Day One on my Mac, iPhone and iPad to create daily notes of my activities, so I can correlate them to the sessions that day on the emWave. Here are some comments:emWave2 PSR. I love the new PSR. Of…

  2. Seorsa "book lover" says:

    Excellent stress relief tool The EmWave Desktop stress relief system is a powerful training tool that can help you go beyond stress relief to stres transformation. Regular use of the EmWave will help you transform stress into positive emotional states that will give you energy, vitality and a new positive outlook. I strongly recommend getting one of the HeartMath books. If you do not feel ready to ready about the entire HeartMath system, try one of their smaller, more focused books: Transforming Anxiety, Transorning Hypertentison, and a variety of others.Everyone of my clients, no matter their reason for using this system, found improved sleep. One client, a Psychologist, hadn’t slept in years. She was very familiar with some of the failures in bio-feedback, and was truly a sceptic. She was thrlled when she began sleeping well for the first time in decades.It may seem overwhelming to try to evaluate a system that claims to work for so many different prolems. The power is not so much in…

  3. JRT6 "johnrt6" says:

    Simply Awesome MW’s review is really thorough so this is my subjective take. I have been using the desktop version for one year now and when I started I was in the low coherence range in the morning and would progress to the medium range at night. Now I’m starting the morning out squarely in the high range and sometimes hitting the highest range at night. I’ve read some people claim that they got quickly discouraged and stopped for lack of prgress and boredom. I bet those people also waste money on the xix second ab machine. Overcoming serious stress and anxiety is not an overnight process, you have to work at every day. If you’re not making prgoress on this system it’s just like your old girlfriend told you: you’re not doing it right. Find the way that works, that is the whole point of this system.For me the best part of this system is that the games run 3, 5 and 10 minutes. I want and need to turn down the anxiety immediately; several times a day. I don’t have time or the…

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