2 thoughts on “AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

  1. MWebb says:

    How Did Amazon Manage to Do Better than the “bag companies” on This One? Well I am simply surprised. I have 4-5 other netbook cases and this one is significantly better than all of them, for a lower price (a word on pricing later):* The handles are the right thickness and “feel” – they aren’t just webbing that seems like an afterthought and feels uncomfortable, they appear to be made of a thinner Neoprene style material with stitching on the “grab” area to create a nicely-formed, nice-feeling, handle. At first I thought there was a “stiffener” inserted in the handle area to give it more shape and “grippability,” but apparently its just a good choice of materials and a well-executed design. You won’t need any additional handle wrapper to be comfortable!- I have another zipper case with a handle but would never feel comfortable carrying it by the handle around town. The handle is too flimsy to be comfortable and I don’t trust the security of the construction/stitching. This AmazonBasics case is completely different. I feel like I can…

  2. Amazon Deity says:

    Works great with my iPad. UPDATE 12/03/2013: Going on three years and I am still using this bag for now my iPad 3G. No rips or tears. Has a few stains from coffee spills, but that is about it. Love how the side pocket is expandable/stretchable, I can fit all kinds of extra accessories into it. By far the BEST bag out in the market!This is the perfect iPad carrying case. I already use the official that folds over to protect the iPad from daily use, but now I will be able to carry it without worrying it will slip from my hands. I have been searching for a quality made carrying case with handles that would make it easier to carry my iPad from place to place. The AmazonBasics Netbook bag has been the answer. Unlike other iPad carrying cases I have been eyeballing, this Netbook bag is extremely affordable. The rubber grip zippers operate with ease and it is padded for added protection. I can even fit my…

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