ASUS, X205TA-DS01-GD-OFCE, 11”6 HD Laptop (Gold), Intel Z 3735F, 2GB DDR3, 32G SSD, 802.11AGN, Bluetooth 4.0 , Windows 8.1 (32bit) + 1 Year Office 365 Personal

3 thoughts on “ASUS EeeBook X205TA 11.6-inch Laptop includes Office 365 (Gold)

  1. Deep Thought says:

    Outstanding Value I wish everything that I bought gave me this much value for the cost.This device is incredibly light yet pretty darn sturdy. It is suitable for kids or students, for travel and anyone looking for a small device that runs Windows and the compatible software. There are always trade-offs between performance, price, and weight etc. and this is no exception, but there is a very good balance here. In my limited use so far it runs pretty snappy. I have not done anything intensive with it yet, but for web-browsing, word processing, media streaming, etc. I have not detected any sluggishness. I was not used to the chiclet keyboard at first, but it did not take long to get comfortable with it.The device features a technology called, “connected standby” that you can use to quickly resume your machine in about 2 seconds from its standby time. When the battery shows less than 5%, it can backup data automatically so you won’t lose it.Integrated GPU…

  2. John B. Goode "JBG" says:

    Small and compact… Edit June 2015: Still loving it. Best thing is the small size. Worse thing is the proprietary power jack. One time I couldn’t find the power plug and thought I would have to buy another one before being able to use this again.—————————————-The two extremes of laptops are large ones which gives the closest experience to a desktop or small ones which is designed for portability. I’ve owned many laptops over the years including small ones but this is the smallest one I’ve owned. This isn’t just small in size, it’s thin as well. In size it almost feels like an iPad, but heavier. I’m not particularly fond of the finish, which looks like it could be scratched easily. Apart from that, with its rounded edges, color and futuristic look, it’s quite beautiful.It has two USB2.0 ports, a mini-HDMI port, sound, flash card slot and power socket. It uses a power plug that I’m not familiar with and wish it had a more regular plug that would…

  3. Melinda "elfkeleios" says:

    Some don’t come with Office Key but Asus has provided us with a fix. **MINE DID NOT COME WITH MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 entitlement/key (UPDATE: BUT YOU CAN GET IT HERE!asus-x205/c21g1 ) ****This was my experience with Office: When I tried to install Microsoft 365 from the asus app section from the tiles on the start screen, the program advised me that ‘no office entitlement found on device’ so I referenced help page from microsoft –> I then contacted the manufacturer and after going around with a few people, one very helpful person provided me with the link so I filled it out with my info and I should be getting my office key soon. This little netbook is small, fan-less, light, and lasts about 12 hours, and even takes a micro sd card without sticking out of the side and it runs office and windows. From the many reviews I have read about this system the RAM and eMMC memory is soldered on, so it cannot be upgraded that way, I have yet to verify this. Windows 8.1 seems to run quite well…

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