2 thoughts on “ASUS TP500 15-Inch Touch Laptop [OLD VERSION]

  1. DR-J-J says:

    ASUS TP500L initial reaction: Fabulous + VOLUME UPDATE Initial Review upon 4 days of use:I went through 3 different Laptops in search of my new Notebook PC (to replace a great Dell Inspiron that I have had for 5 years).So, first question: Why not go with another Dell?First, Dell has been slipping lately in Customer Satisfaction. But more importantly, I was looking for a convertible notebook… something that could flip completely around and allow tablet-like operation. At present, Dell does not have a good one of those that I am aware of.ASUS has been creating great laptops for the last many years and they keep getting better, so I had to look at ASUS in my selection process. I also looked at 4 other notebooks in my process (5 if you count the Flex).Before the ASUS:First I looked at an i7 Sony FIT, just because it was a great price and better specs. My judgement after a week of use: Let’s just say no…nothing seemed to work right with this laptop… and since it was not a…

  2. Dave says:

    Almost as thin as an ultrabook, and far more usuable Asus has done a pretty good job of taking everything good about an ultrabook and a tablet while leaving behind most of the bad things. If you were looking around for a crazy-thin ultrabook, do yourself a favor and take a look at one the Asus TP500 models (currently there are three). For most people they make more sense.Why? Well once people get past the “ooh that’s cool” part of owning an ultrabook, they start getting annoyed that they have no DVD drive, can’t plug in a network or HDMI cable without an adapter, a scaled down keyboard and not enough USB ports. With the TP500’s Asus has given you an extremely thin laptop but the only thing they sacrificed is the DVD player. Something most of us can live without thanks to the prevalence of digital media from Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and others. I previously had an Asus Zenbook, and I can think of no computer I hated as deeply. It was incredibly thin and feather light, but it might as well been a doorstop for all the…

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