ASUS T100TAM-H1-GM 10.1 Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Gray), Intel Bay Trail-T Z3775 1.46GHz (Turbo up to 2.39GHz), 2GB DDR3 (1067MHz), 32GB Solid State Storage in Tablet, 500GB Hard Drive in Keyboard Dock, 802.11AGN, Bluetooth, 1.2MP Webcam, Windows 8.1

3 thoughts on “ASUS Transformer Book T100TAM-H1-GM 10.1″ Detachable 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop, 32GB+500GB (Grey Metal)

  1. Sam A. says:

    Almost perfect. Almost. I bought this tablet to replace my bulky laptop that I’d be carrying for years, since I mostly just needed something light for some coding and writing. In that regard, this tablet is perfect. It’s extremely light, easy to carry, with a big enough screen to easily see what I’m typing but not too big as to become cumbersome to hold in one or two hands if I have the keyboard dock detached. Overall, I love this tablet. I’ts been absolutely great for what I need it for, but there are some issues I wish Asus had dealt with prior to me purchasing it.Pros:Extremely lightweightPreinstalled with a FULL version of Office 2013Fast with a full version of Windows 8.1, not the RT nonsense.Screen has a good range of brightness, good for brightly lit classroom or watching Netflix before bed.Keyboard dock doesn’t add much weight, types reasonably well once you get used to it.Sound isn’t bad for the speakers being in the back, headphones are definitely…

  2. resilience says:

    Put a SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 Micro SDHC in one and 64GB (with the entire GA Henty series) in the other and they work great. I bought two of these 64GB Transformers for my kids school work. They are loving them. Put a SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 Micro SDHC in one and 64GB (with the entire GA Henty series) in the other and they work great. I have plugged in a 32 GB flash drive into the keyboard and it worked great. We charge them overnight every couple days. It did take a little time to get things customized and updated. I suggest plugging in over night when you first get it then letting it update the next day before adding any anti virus like Avast, CCleaner, … so that all the updates go smoothly. This little computer turns on quickly and runs smoothly. We did have a small issue with internet connection at first. But after putting it on manual connect and getting all the updates, we put it back onto auto connect and it is doing fine. For $350 plus a couple accessories like the Micro sd card and a cover this is a very economical and powerful machine. I enjoy playing on them when the kids are done…

  3. Alan says:

    Perfect for my needs. And I LOVE the red case….. This 2-in-1 fit my needs perfectly. It is small in size, yet the screen size is plenty large. The case is great because the red is a sharp looking red, and it does not attract fingerprints. The keyboard is the smallest one I’ve ever used, but it is still large enough for my large hands. It has a USB3 port and volume buttons and microphone port on the case. Long battery life for web browsing. Office Student edition for productivity. Full version of Windows 8.1 (Warning, controversial statement here: After a year of avoiding it on desktops, I’m actually starting to like the Win8 metro start screen now).There are a few apps/utilities that I have on my iphone that I would like to see developed as a Windows 8 app. However, this is more of an issue with Microsoft than the tablet. More apps are released every month, so hopefully the ones I’m looking for will be available soon.For anyone looking for a mouse while using the T100 as a laptop, I recommend the…

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