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3 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6″ Full-HD Gaming Laptop (Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M) with Windows 10

  1. Scott says:

    First Impressions – Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK Just received this laptop today, 10/27/2015.***Summary***Overall, I am very pleased with this laptop. I think it’s a fantastic value for the parts you are getting. The overall look and feel of the laptop is great, the red trim is not overbearing. Using the laptop feels fast and snappy. Boots Windows 10 in less than 20 seconds! The weight and size keeps it portable, but it’s no Ultrabook. The laptop doesn’t have a touchscreen, if that’s a deal-breaker for you.More details are below, wanted to keep the summary at the top for the folks who don’t care to read the whole review.***Short review***Build quality seems good to me. The unit is all plastic on the outside; however, I am okay with this. It is a very soft plastic that is nice to the touch. The unit does not feel flimsy and seems fairly durable. It also appears (at first glance) that access to the HDD and RAM won’t be terrible, as opposed to some other new laptops on the market, there…

  2. Thomas D. Morris says:

    Great all round laptop and super for games Got my laptop this evening. Before I even turned it on, I added a sandisk SSD to it. Took about 3 minutes. Just 1 screw to contend with. The SSD was a tight fit and BIOS picked it up right away. When you 1st start the laptop, Windows will finish installing. If you added a 2nd SSD you need to right click THIS PC then click MANAGE then click disk management. You will see 2nd drive unformatted most likely. Click and follow prompts to do simple format (I made 1 partition of whole drive). Then you’re in business. I loaded Diablo 3 , Guild Wars 2, and World of Warcraft from a thumb drive. They all played flawlessly at full resolution will high frame rates. Guild wars 2 was in mid 50s. Other 2 were even higher with Diablo 3 being maxed graphics with no problems. Didn’t even warm up playing it and WoW .Look forward to trying Fallout 4 on it in a couple of weeks. That should be a better test of the GPU and heat issues. The screen does have some light bleed in lower…

  3. Hieu V. says:

    Great laptop for it’s price Great laptop for it’s price. The specs will definitely blow you away if you’re coming from an old laptop like I am.The hardwares in this Dell Inspiron 15 7000 are fast, not high-end fast but mid range fast and for it’s price at $800 I would say its a steal. As you can see it packs a FHD screen 1920×1080 that looks good however there are minor backlight bleed near the bottom of the screen for my particular model. The Intel core i5 6300hq is a quad core and handles gaming really well; coupled with the new gtx 960m with 4gb of dedicated graphics handled Heroes of the Storm on Ultra with no sweat @60-70 frames (70 degrees average gpu temp.). Have not yet tested the 960m’s full potential but I’m sure it can handle most 2015 games on High. The ssd is a sandisk with around 205gb of actual available memory. The backlit keyboard looks better than I thought. The build feels solid and the matte black looks great on this new design. It looks thin from afar but its actually bigger than…

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