HP 14-x030nr Chrome book

2 thoughts on “HP Chromebook 14 – New Version (Ocean Turquoise)

  1. Mandy Payne "Is it just me?" says:

    Almost Awesome So far, I am really impressed with this Chromebook. I have the Toshiba 13.3 and was really impressed with that as well. But I decided that it was time to pass that along and update. So here is my non-techy take on this.Battery life is great. I can surf constantly for 7-8 hours before exhausting the battery. The speed is OBNOXIOUS fast. I pay for 300 Mbps speeds but on my PC I am lucky to get 40-50, which is still great. I get about 50 on my iPad. On this? I peg the meter at well over 100mbps…it could be much faster but that’s as high as the meter reads. Pages open so fast it doesn’t seem possible. The keyboard is comfortable and responsive. Excellent.The reason I ding it a star is because the screen isn’t great…good, not great. The Toshiba had a nicer display, and it is two years old. I assumed improvements would have been made in technology, but the screen in not an improvement. There is no internal fan, but I’ve had no problem with overheating. Sound is…

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