HP Stream 11-p010nr x360 Convertible

2 thoughts on “HP Stream 11-p010nr x360 Convertible 11.6-Inch Laptop with Office 365

  1. Mocha's Mom says:

    a Big THUMBS UP for HP on this one- it hit the Sweet Spot I was really tickled to get this hybrid tablet/ computer…. from HP ( see video review for details )So onto the unboxing:Well when you open the box .. you may be surprised by the color ( mine is blue) a real bright true blue. and that may make you think this is a toy or some child’s machine …..WRONG………… I am going to just jump right in tell you I LIKE IT … yup no doubt about it .For me. it meets the sweet spot where ,in my opinion, no matter how nice your tablet might be, it still doesn’t operate like a computer.. ( I own 5 different tablets from bargain 7 inch to high end 8.9 tablets w 4 g access ). This hybrid allows the portability of a large tablet but then opens to a sm computer. With some really really nice +’s i.e touch screen computer. This is first and foremost a computer , small footprint , but it is a computer…………………Second it is a…

  2. P. Hamm "p-squared" says:

    So much for the money that even with it’s annoyances it’s a 5-star product. It is tempting to harp on the things that you might not like about this, so let’s get them out of the way.A “tablet” without a detatchable keyboard might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s bulkier in the hand and lap than you want. If you want a tablet, you should buy a tablet.The size is a little big for an 11″ notebook, enough so that it might not fit in the sleeve or case that another 11″ notebook fits in, so be careful there. Make sure it fits.And if you are going to do anything remotely “serious” with a computer, this is not going to cut it with only 2G RAM and 32G storage. Lastly, setup was really clunky. I had to hard shut-down the computer twice before it would complete.So… why 5 stars…FIrst, that slightly bigger size makes the keyboard as easy to use as it is on my 13″ laptop. And most 11″ laptops are just plain useless. That said, I find all non-Mac trackpads to be too hard to…

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