The Lenovo S21e is thin, light and perfect for on-the-go consumers looking for an affordable laptop.

3 thoughts on “Lenovo S21e 11.6-Inch Laptop (80M4002DUS)

  1. Enchanted In Dixie "Enchanted" says:

    NOW ALL MY KIDS WANT THEIR OWN LAPTOP. ~~~~~~~ Perfect gift birthday or Christmas gift for students, graduates, anyone you love. Just a mom’s point of view. I love Lenovo systems because they run efficiently and quietly with less strain on the actual parts which gives lower power consumption thus they run cooler and are less likely to burn out. I currently use an old Lenovo T-520 ThinkPad on charger station as a non-portable desktop computer because it is heavy, almost 10 pounds, so I was very excited to be able to choose the Lenovo S21e 11.6-Inch Laptop and give a few comparisons.It is half the thickness of my T-520. It is so thin, less than 1/2″ at the thickest where the ports are, and light like my 10″ tablet, 2 pounds. The Lenovo S21e gives you a full color big beautiful 11 inch screen on a wireless laptop that processes at fast speed with 2GB RAM (vs T-520 15.6 screen and 4 GB ram). Movie playback is beautiful with the Installed Intel HD Graphics and the sound is great with the two 1.5W stereo speakers enhanced by Dolby DS Advanced Audio. There is no lock button, the top sticks…

  2. Valerya Couto "LOTRsherlockHPFreak" says:

    Very, very basic This is as basic a laptop as you’re going to find, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this might be ideal. The HD is only 32gb and there’s just 2gb of Ram. So essentially, you’re really not going to be able to download tons of stuff onto here, including a large iTunes library, if you have one. The screen is small, comparable to a Chromebook, but the quality is surprisingly sharp and bright. I’ve streamed Netflix and Amazon Video with zero issues, so that’s a major plus. This comes with Windows 8.1, but you should check for updates right away, because there will be some. Since it does have a full operating system, you can use Microsoft Office with this, which makes this a great laptop for a student. It’s very thin and lightweight and it’s actually a pretty attractive laptop. There are no additional drives on this, so that’s something to consider and the battery life is not the greatest, though that’s comparable to almost all entry-level laptops. I have 2 Samsung Chromebooks and…

  3. Paul S. Gooding "Coffee addict in AZ" says:

    Better than the low price would lead you to expect. Better than a Chromebook. This is my first day with the little machine, and so far I am very happy with it. I’ve bought dozens of computers over the years, for both business and personal use, so I am rather picky, and at the same time, rather patient with little differences between products.Love the screen, its matte finish makes it comfortable to use in all light levels, and the quality of the image is excellent. The keyboard feels good, a quality tactile experience, although I am used to typing on a full sized keyboard and I have to slow down a bit to adapt to this slightly scrunched layout. Setup was painless, and thanks to Google and Chrome, all my browser preferences and bookmarks were there instantly. The first thing I did was download Chrome, as i will not use Internet Explorer if I can avoid it.As small format Windows PCs go, the machine is better than you’d expect at this price. Not loaded with memory or a really fast processor, the performance is suitable mainly for…

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