Lenovo ThinkPad E545 Laptop: SMART FEATURES FOR SMALL-BUSINESS USERS. Your business will make a name for itself with the innovative, 15.6-inch E545 laptop computer. You’ll get your customers’ attention with the modern accents and finish, and you’ll keep it with the capable, AMD A6 dual core processor housed in a durable system. Tech Specs: AMD A6-5350M Dual Core Processor 2.9GHz / Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) / 4GB DDR3L-1600 SDRAM / 320GB 5,400RPM Hard Drive / AMD Radeon HD 8450G / DVD-RW Drive / 4-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader / 10/100/1000 Network / 802.11n Wireless / 15.6\” HD LED-backlit Widescreen Display

3 thoughts on “Lenovo Thinkpad E545 20B20011US 15.6-Inch Laptop

  1. Amazonian Consumer says:

    One of the best values in Windows computing I decided to buy the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E545 because of the combination of features and low price.Features that I like:1. Keyboard – Lenovo makes the best keyboard bar none. You will notice that you can type more accurately using its keyboard. It is also spill resistant. I prefer a 15.6-inch notebook computer because it is just large enough to provide a full-size, separate numeric keypad area to the right of the letter key area. I use this computer as a desktop replacement and rarely carry it around (I use a small (11.6-inch) and light Acer Chromebook C720 running Google Chrome OS for that).2. 4 Gb memory, expandable to 16 Gb. Many notebook PC’s can only go up to 8 Gb maximum. I use a free software called “meminfo” to indicate the percentage of memory used at any moment in the lower right area of the display. If this number goes above 50% often, I’d suggest upgrading the computer’s memory to 8Gb or more.3. Three USB 3.0 ports and one…

  2. Kkat007 says:

    I Am Hooked!! Best laptop I have ever owned or used. This Lenovo Laptop is just wonderful! It is designed to be easy to use and very efficient. Lenovo has thought of everything. This laptop so easy to use. It has big keys that are easy to see and read. It has 4 USB ports and the memory is expandable to 16gigs. It comes with Windows 7 Professional and the discs for Windows 8. Lenovo has a back-up system for restoring your laptop to the state it was in when you got it. The recovery discs on this laptopare in a separately partitioned area. That means that is does NOT take away from your hard drive. This laptop urges you to make recovery discs immediately. You need to do this before you start using your computer. Anyway, less than a week after I got my laptop, I installed what should have been a good program. Up until that time, I had it on all of my computers, but it attached itself to some registry keys and when I removed what I thought was adware and spyware, it caused a problem and I could NOT use…

  3. J. Darwin says:

    Good work machine – not user friendly to an old geek First let me couch my comments by saying I am a retired IT guy. I think most people will be very happy with this machine although I think it is only a steps above a mediocre machine.What made me decide to consider the purchase was the manufacture and hardware. Lenovo is one of the top 3 laptop builders as of Spring 2014. Apple, ACER and Lenovo are regarded as the 3 best in that order. I also liked that fact they used top quality hardware in the build. The AMD process gets a good rating for a RISC processor. The RAM is expandable to 16GB. The HDD is a WD which is the best HD maker currently. I do wish they had installed a 500GB instead of the 320. The USB3 ports will accept USB2 drives. I also liked the extended keyboard with the number pad. I use this on my desktop for entering numbers in spreadsheets. I liked the low heat generation as well as their BIOS. It is all good hardware and software. The big disappointment has been no bluetooth. All the ads and…

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