2 thoughts on “Toshiba Satellite CL45-C/4335 14″ Laptop (Textured Resin in Brushed Black)

  1. R says:

    A very nice laptop, and a bit of a steal I’m a bit amazed by how much value this laptop packs. OK, 64GB of storage isn’t going to hold your video collection, but that’s not the point of a machine like this one. Anyway, that 64GB is FAST, and storage being the slowest part of PCs in general, that fast storage gives this little machine a very fast response. As for gaming I’m less sure. I loaded WoW, not the most demanding game. I had to reduce the frame rate from the max and reduce some of the visual effects – but the play looks fine and the game is very playable. I also loaded it up with Open Office which gives you a fine productivity machine at a VERY low price.The look and feel, the build quality, areas good as you’d expect from Toshiba and better than I expected at this pricepoint. The keyboard has a solid feel with good tactile feedback – another thing I wasn’t expecting. No, it’s not Das Keyboard quality, but very good for a laptop.I’m especially happy with the display which is more like that on a…

  2. Franklin Sapp says:

    HOUSTON WE HAVE A WINNER! I don;t usually write reviews. In fact this will be my first one written for a product purchased on Amazon. I have been a long time Amazon buyer and this is my third computer purchase. I set out to look for a laptop even though i had a relatively small budget this month. i began some research and happened to stumble across the Toshiba Satellite CL45/4335/ It was priced at 189.99. The specs were pretty good including 64 gb ssd drive, 2gm ram and a 720p hd 14 inch screen. Now most of the laptop in the $200.00 rice range only had 16gb ssd drive, although a couple had 32gb ssd drives. This is the first one I came across with a 64gb ssd for under $190,00 dollars. In my opinion 64gb is the minimum needed for a windows 10 laptop. Also most screens on these inexpensive laptos have either a low resolution matte finish or 11.6 inch scrren. The trackpad on this machine isn’t great but is responsive for the most part. The wifi connectivity is also very good. I got 25 mbps plus almost every time…

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