David Braben explains the raspberry PI scheme designed to give a £15 computer on a stick to every child. He is talking to the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones
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25 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi – the £15 computer

  1. garcemac says:

    Which schools in the ’80’s had computer programming? Which schools actually had more than a couple of computers?

    Maybe your school had computers for students, but 99% of them did not.

  2. Kishgofu says:

    @tentrickss it’s gone up £1 so far and comes out next month. I have a feeling you are wrong. It will not go up much more. Unless the world shortage on memory makes it a little more expensive.

  3. tentrickss says:

    A BiG Lie this Device wouldn’t be sold for £15 because before coming into the market the Retail Price will Go About £50-£70. These Inventors are so Na-eve that they do not understand there is Hungry World of Business Man are Sitting to Make Money Which Makes the End Product Price to Reach £50-£100.. £15 is a Lie Lie Lie.

  4. obabamaiu says:

    @conorm125 lucky you i did ICT 4 years ago and it was the stupidest thing ever… All we did was “learn” how to use powerpoint, excel and access, like I didn’t know already from primary school. The only useful part of the course was the HTML bit because it was the closest thing to programming

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