Product Features

  • Coverage against accidents starts the day your Kindle is shipped
  • Extends mechanical and electrical breakdown coverage
  • Make up to 3 claims during the term of your warranty
  • Receive a replacement Kindle 2-3 days after you make a valid claim
  • No deductibles or shipping fees

3 thoughts on “2-Year SquareTrade Warranty plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire HD 7″

  1. D. B. Diederich says:

    Hope I can get my money back! Purchased a Square Trade 2 year warranty on 12-09-2012 the same time I ordered a new Kindle HD 7″. I received two emails from Square Trade asking me to register my warranty. When I clicked their link in the email, the website said the product was registered to a different email address – other than the one they sent my email to? Right. The website requested I call an 800 number.So on 12-10-2012 I called the 800 number, which routes to a foreign country, whereabouts unknown. The operator who eventually answered did not speak or comprehend English very well. She requested the phone number given at the time the warranty was purchased. I told her I did not give a phone number since the purchase was online at but tried to give her my phone number. She was not able to understand the numbers, even though I speak slowly and very clearly. At this point I can’t imagine that the process to file a claim is ever going to be any easier than trying to register the warranty,…

  2. Just Theo says:

    Great Customer Service I have purchased Square Trade warranties on my Toshiba Thrive, both Fire HDs, and my paperwhite. I can’t remember the specifics on calling into speak with customer service on my thrive, but I remember being happy with the outcome. They answered my questions and I purchased the warranty.Recently, my fire hd disappeared and I thought it was stolen. I bought a new one and called cs to see if I could transfer the warranty to the new fire hd. CS explained since it wasn’t a replacement fire hd (that amazon or themselves didn’t actually replace it) but rather a purchase, they could not transfer the warranty. However, he was able to cancel the warranty on the ‘stolen’ fire so that I could purchase a new warranty. He advised this way I would have coverage from the first date of purchase for the new fire. They processed this quickly and I was able to purchase my new warranty and bind it to the new fire hd.Then a few days later, I found my lost fire hd. I purchased a new…

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