Brown / Touch Screen / 7″ WXGA (1280×800), 400 nits, Super IPS+ Corning Fit / NVIDIA Tegra 3 (1.2GHz) ARM Quad core / 1GB DDR3 / NVIDIA Tegra 3 / 32GB Flash / No Optical Drive / Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) / 802.11BGN / 1.2 Mega Pixel (Front only) / Bluetooth 2.1 / Polymer 16W/h (9.5 Hours) / No keyboard (tablet) / 1 Year North America Warranty.

2 thoughts on “ASUS Nexus 7 Tablet (7-Inch, 32GB, Brown)

  1. sidroy says:

    Excellent tablet for a reasonable price Full Disclosure:—————–Let me state upfront that in the last 3 years, my wife and I have purchased 4 iPhones, 4 iPads, 1 Mac Mini, 1 Apple TV and 2 Macbook Airs for ourselves and extended members of the family. I cannot review this product without comparing it to the iPad 2, which I’ve been using for the last year and a half.Motivation:————We have an 18 month old son who needs to be entertained with videos and apps while he’s being fed and we have an upcoming trip to India during which we’ll need to keep him busy during the flight and transits. Here are our requirements -1) We needed a tablet that is more portable than the 16 GB iPad 2 that we currently have so that it’s easy to stuff into my cargo pants or jacket and pull it out quickly when required.2) We needed more than the 16GB storage to store his favorite videos because we may have intermittent access to WiFi, at least 32 GB.3) When he’s not using it, I…

  2. D.L.C says:

    Nexus 7 Updated Updated News as of May 16th:Google is set to release the 2nd edition of the Nexus 7 in SOMETIME between 2013 and 2014. Was expecting it at Google I/O and nothing showed (Lame!). Anywho, resolution is expected to be bumped up to 1920 x 1080, new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for increased speed, 2 gigs of RAM, a back camera, and for the cellular plan, LTE. Pricing rumors haven’t been released. So, if you can wait 5-8 months (as if it does come out in 2013, it will be right before the Holiday Season), it’s probably best to see what Google has in store for the Nexus 7 Second Edition before buying the currently offered Nexus 7.End of Update.I’ve had the Nexus 7 8gb since Late August. I’ll share some of my experience as well as pitfalls. The 8/16/32 Gb are functionally identical abet with a few minor difference between them, largely being the size capacities. There is also a 3G cellular version for $300 on Google Play. Remember that currently Amazon is…

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