Awesome Tablet for Entertainment

A Quad Core power-efficient MTK8127 processor delivers great performance along with stream video and
page loads without your battery life suffering. Plus Android 5.0 Lollipop ensures smooth multi-tasking.

IPS Screen: a wide view angle, 1280 x 800 resolution delivers crisp and vivid contents. Laying in bed or chair
and browsing web or reading E-books are convenient.

GPS: Integrated GPS sensor make navigation possible when you download a offline map.
Bluetooth: easily pair to bluetooth speakers, headset, etc.

8 inch tablet – Super Portable

The 8 inch slim body and 11.2 oz weight makes it super portable, especially for a travel. Just put it in your
backbag or handbags and you are carrying a powerful device with you. The 4000 mAh battery ensures a 5
hours video play. So, in your journey, there is no boring time.

100% Satisfaction

US customer service, tech support and 1 Year Limited Warranty guarantee 100% satisfaction. Feel free to
contact us whenever a question pops up in your head, we are always here to help.


–Android 5.0 Lollipop
–8” IPS Screen 1280×800 HD
–Quad Core 4×1.3 GHz
–16 GB storage, 1GB RAM
–Dual Camera
–Wireless N (802.11b/g/n), HDMI, Bluetooth, GPS

What’s in the Box:

–AC Adapter
–USB Cable
–User Manual

2 thoughts on “Dragon Touch M8 2016 Edition 8 inch Quad Core Tablet, Android OS, 1GB 16GB, IPS Display, Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI

  1. Joe Crescenzi says:

    A great value priced tablet that runs all the most popular Apps. My first impression of this tablet was that it seemed like a great mid-sized tablet. This one is 8 inches so it’s perfect for people who feel a 10 inch tablet is too big, and a 6 inch tablet is too small.Before I get into the technical details, the most important thing I always do whenever I try a new tablet is see how well it runs my existing Apps. This tablet is running Android 5.0 (Lollipop), so it rant every App I tried perfectly. I ran Amazon’s Kindle, Audible, and Amazon Music players, plus Chrome, Firefox, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a bunch of games like Minion Rush and several of the Angry Birds series.The bottom line is that regardless of all the bells and whistles a tablet has, the most important thing is that it runs the Apps you want to use well, and this tablet ran all of my favorite apps perfectly.On the technical side, it’s got a Quad Core CPU and 1GB of…

  2. T. Moog says:

    As good as tablets that cost twice as much. For the money, you can’t beat this tablet. I am largely a Samsung user but this is for exclusive in-car use so I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on it. It is 8″ which is nice. It’s not so big that you don’t want to carry it around but it isn’t so small that you feel like you might as well be using a smartphone.I got this to replace another budget tab I bought that was defective (different brand). I couldn’t be more pleased with this. It is right on par with my Galaxy tablet.Feature wise, this tablet has a lot to offer. It has a built in HDMI port for connecting to your TV. While the specs say it has a 32GB limit on the SD card, I put a 64 in and it works fine. The touchscreen is fast and responsive. It could use a tad more brightness but that’s because I am mounting it in a vehicle and while it is visible in bright sunlight, it could be a touch brighter. It has a setting that seems like it should auto-adjust brightness but I haven’t seen any change in…

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