An Enhanced Version

Following the Y88 and Y88X model, here comes the 3rd Generation, Y88X Plus. This tablet equips with
new features like IPS display, Bluetooth, and higher megapixel camera, making sharing and communication
a breeze. Additionally, there are new gorgeous colors for your choice.

Massive Power in Slim Body

Y88X Plus tablet runs on a Quad Core CPU to ensure a remarkably smooth multi-tasking operation. You
can always be one step ahead than others. And the IPS display makes the contents springs onto the tablet,
bringing you crystal clear and vivid images with richer colors and greater contrast.

Innumerable Apps, Inexhaustible Enjoyments

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi and Google Play Store, you are exposed to a world of fun and possibility.
Whenever you want to express yourself, just connect and share; whenever an idea occurs, an app is there to
capture and animate it in an efficient and joyous way. This tablet can be a partner, a teacher, a library, and more.


–Google Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)
–7” IPS Screen 1024×600 HD
–Quad Core 4 x 1.3 Ghz
–8 GB storage, 512MB RAM
–Dual Camera, 2.0MP rear
–Wireless N (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth

What’s in the Box:

–AC Adapter
–USB Cable
–User Manual

2 thoughts on “Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7” Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC, IPS Display, HD Screen 1024 x 600, 8 GB, Bluetooth, Dual Camera, Netflix, Skype, 3D Game Supported – Rose Pink

  1. EMBLA says:

    WAY ABOVE YOUR AVERAGE ECONOMIC TABLET. NEW UPGRADES THAT MAKES THIS ONE SUPER I’ve been charging The Dragon Touch Y88Z Plus 7 for few days now and finally found that I had enough time to give it a good review if it deserved it. And WOW did it deserve it? Oh Yes Absolutely. What I saw when I turned it on and started looking at it was not what I expected out of such an economical tablet. The screen is stunningly clear, that in my opinion it is better that my iPad screen. (Well, so is my Kindle screen in my opinion). What most impressed me about this little gadget was definitely the camera which is both front and rear. It takes crystal clear pictures that rivals the best tablets out there. I did take the pictures of this product with my iPad and there are lights and ambience that influence these pictures but I tried my best to depict how really good the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus tablet took me by such a surprise. The screen is so good it’s almost like 3-D (It’s not 3-D but somehow feels like it has some elements that make it look a little bit like that). You can also…

  2. Busy working Mom says:

    Amazed at the high quality picture and sound at a budget price! Just be prepared that the battery life is not the greatest. I’ve tried out a number of different Android tablets over the years and was happy to test out this Dragon Touch 7″ tablet. First of all, I really like the pink color – I was afraid it was going to be too bright, but the soft rose pink really is just a nice light accent color, and certainly makes it very easy to tell apart from other standard white or black tablets. For a tablet at this price point (under $50 at the time I’m doing this review), I am extremely impressed with the performance of the device. As you can see from my video, the touch screen has good responsiveness and it has a nice smooth feel, very similar to that of our name brand (Google or Samsung) tablets that our family has used in the past. The full featured KitKat version of the Android OS is very easy to use, and it was very quick to get the tablet hooked up to my home wifi and start downloading apps.Picture quality is always really important to me on…

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