All-new Fire HD tablet—with 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, Kid-Proof Case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee–for a savings of up to $95.

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A real tablet, not a toy

A full-featured tablet that includes a beautiful HD display and Dolby Digital Audio that’s perfect for watching movies like Finding Nemo, and a fast quad-core processor that ensures fast app launch times and smooth games and videos.

Unmatched reliability

With a durable screen and rigorous testing, Fire HD is unsurpassed in durability among tablets for kids.

Hits kids love from PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney and more

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is the first-ever all-in-one subscription that brings together all the types of content that kids ages 3-10 love—books, movies, TV episodes, educational apps, and games.

Designed with kids in mind

With Amazon FreeTime mode on, the background color and fonts change to a kid-friendly design. Kids will see titles that have been selected just for them and can navigate visually to content based on characters or topics—for example “Cinderella,” “Dinosaurs,” or “Puppies.”

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Best-in-class parental controls

Amazon FreeTime offers innovative parental controls that encourage learning before play and that help manage screen time. With FreeTime, you select all of the content your kids can see, and you can limit your kids’ screen time by content type. FreeTime blocks stores and in-app payments, so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses.

Create profiles just for kids

Create up to four child profiles and choose a unique collection of titles that each one of your kids will have access to. It’s like giving each kid their very own, personalized tablet. Kids also can’t exit Amazon FreeTime mode without your password.

If they break it, we’ll replace it.

We all know accidents happen. The 2-year worry-free guarantee includes coverage for anything that happens to your Fire HD. Just return the tablet and we’ll replace it for free. It also covers Fire HD against electrical and mechanical breakdowns.

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Kid-Proof Case

Designed to be durable and lightweight, the Kid-Proof Case fits perfectly in little hands without adding unnecessary weight to your Fire HD tablet.

3 thoughts on “Fire HD 6 Kids Edition, 6″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Too Many Unacceptable Oversights As a family who owns multiple Fires in different iterations, I was thrilled when the kids’ version was announced. All three of my children received one. From their perspective, they were thrilled and loved it. I gave them far more time than usual to break them in over a 1.5 day period just to make sure everything was fine. Sadly, it wasn’t.First, let’s call this thing what it really is. This isn’t a Fire designed from the ground up with children in mind. It is a basic Fire 7 HD with an altered OS that is tightly integrated into the Free Time Unlimited app, something that can be added to ANY Fire currently on the market. That’s it. Yes, it comes with a snazzy case and a longer warranty, but it’s still just a slightly altered Fire 7 underneath it all.The issues began within the first hour of use and echo what most of the negative reviews highlight.1 – Terrible battery life and slow recharge rate…

  2. AmazonReader says:

    The problem is not the tablet; it’s Kindle FreeTime Unlimited Update:Took off one star. Storage is atrocious (less than 5 gb available, and it fills up in no time), and Amazon makes it incredibly hard to delete content stored in a FreeTime profile. The easiest and most efficient way to delete content is to do a factory reset, but be warned, the tablet will be out of storage again in 24 hours. At this point, I do not recommend this tablet at all. Go for a regular Kindle instead and get 16gb of storage.Original review:The problem is not the tablet; it’s Kindle FreeTime Unlimited. The tablet is sturdy and the case, although bulky, is perfect for kids. The tablet just arrived yesterday so I can not comment on how well it performs over the long term, but this will be our family’s 6th (7th? 8th?) Kindle and I expect it to be as durable as the other Kindles we’ve had.So on to Kindle FreeTime Unlimited… the idea behind this service is great (it’s pretty much a library of age-appropriate apps and books),…

  3. William Chang says:

    Do NOT buy! (At least until storage/login bugs are fixed) Worst software and customer support ever!I am so disappointed with Amazon on this; I have had no problems with any of their products or their customer support in the past (on average, I place 2-3 orders with Amazon every week), but this product and their customer support regarding this issue has been abysmal and atrocious.As MANY other reviewers have noted, you run out of space VERY quickly on this (we’ve had ours for about a week) and we got the low storage notification. And sure enough, it disabled wifi and usb file transfer because there was low storage. Because it disabled wifi, it wouldn’t let us log in to the kids’ profiles to delete apps. If we can’t delete the apps, we can’t enable wifi. If we can’t enable wifi, we can’t log in. Vicious catch-22.So I called Amazon. First person I spoke with took down all my information (even though I had initiated the call through the website and selected the device) and then said she couldn’t help me…

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