Get more done with the HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB, a tablet designed to work like you do. Connect, play, surf and share more easily. Stay organized by grouping your related activities into card stacks on the brilliant 9.7-inch diagonal LED backlit multitouch display. You can also enjoy more of the web, including sites with Adobe Flash content. Hear music the way the artists intended it to be heard with Beats Audio, plus use the front-facing camera and microphone for live video calling. HP webOS helps you multitask seamlessly. Sign in to your online accounts and this HP tablet pulls information together automatically. See your Face book friends birthdays in your contacts, compare work and personal calendars side by side, and view your work and personal e-mails together or separately. Just Type lets you create messages, search the web and more without launching an app first. Receive notifications of new messages, e-mails and events without interrupting whats on your screen. Plus, charge this HP tablet wirelessly using the optional HP Touchstone Charging Dock. The HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB also works better together with other HP webOS devices: Touch to share websites with your HP Pre3 or Veer Smartphone.Camera Front: 1.3 MP.

3 thoughts on “HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer

  1. J. Destacamen "SweatStudio" says:

    Great Device, with option to make it faster! (see video) HP DISCOUNTINUED THE HP TOUCHPAD 8-18-11. LATEST NEWS 12-09: HP HAS RELEASED WEBOS TO OPEN SOURCE SO IT’S EXPECTED TO SEE MANY NEW DEVELOPMENTS FROM 3RD PARTIES ALONG WITH SUPPORT. HP PLANS TO CONTINUE TO INVEST INTO WEBOS AND PLANS ANOTHER WEBOS TABLET TO BE RELEASED IN 2013.MY VIDEO ATTACHED. (Overclocked at 1.5Ghz)First of all, whether you are a geek or not,the Touchpad along with the webOS Homebrew community touts big advantages over it’s competitors and this has been often overlooked by reviewers. I’ve attached my video that shows the performance of an enhanced Touchpad running at 1.5Ghz. However don’t be mistaken, the HP Touchpad still performs fast with the original speed of 1.2Ghz. I’m just a very busy person and a little obsessed with technology plus I wanted to express what the Touchpad can become (within an hour of your time) if you really wanted to spice things up.I WAS AN IPAD2 USER.I’ve had my Touchpad…

  2. Jonathan Pozo "Jonny P" says:

    A good Option for Tablets Bought this from Amazon, as always got it quick. My back ground is I’ve owned an IPAD and asus windows tablet. After trying them out I was still unsatisfied with the products. It wasn’t providing me what I was looking for. I wanted a tablet with good battery life, good aps, experience the ‘real’ web, do some entertainment (videos, games, music), keep myself connected with social media, and finally do some note taking for work/ everyday things. Looking at the reviews and the advertisements I gave the HP Touchpad a go.The Breakdown based on a few days exp:OS: A +HP OS is probably the highest point in this tablet.Synergy makes the whole multitasking a breezy and keeps everything in synch. The whole process to get connected with your email, facebook, and calendar is simple.You can just do lots of things out of the box, no need to go hunting for apps.No Icons Everywhere in the home screen.You can browse the WHOLE internet without having…

  3. D. Higgins "Code Farmer" says:

    From a dedicated apple fan… This IS a good device I’m an admitted mac guy, I have the iPhone 4, iPad, Macbook Pro, etc…I have to share my support now with the HP TouchPad. The webOS 3.0 is really pretty amazing. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference in the use of a tablet, but it’s outstanding, and here’s why:1) The integration of so many mainstream services used today. (they probably have some fancy term for this concept)2) Flash plays well3) Services missing on the iPad like Grooveshark and Amazon’s cloud music all work.First, the services:On my TouchPad, I setup myEmail (yahoo, google, and microsoft exchange)SkypeDropboxAIMLinkedInFacebook(there were others, but I don’t use snapfish, and photobucket, etc… even a “find others”)I love this integration of all these mainstream services! It’s really clever.While my iPad seems very app-centric, webOS 3.0 feels more like “the matrix has you”. It takes…

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