Sleek high tech looking tablet with 31 smooth sensitive touch icons. 4 great games to play with letters. Learn about letter names, letter sounds, word spelling and much more. Phonics based learning. No reading required.

3 thoughts on “Kidz Delight Smooth Touch Tablet, Alphabet

  1. Lili Escobar "Lili" says:

    Kidz Delight Smooth Touch Tablet, Alphabet I like the way it looks, like a real tablet. I bought it for one of my friend’s kids. I learned that he is just recognizing the alphabet; this toy is teaching him with fun games, and cute sounds. He loves it and carry it everywhere around.

  2. lisalisa_23452 says:

    Great Tablet for Pre-K or K’ers This is a great tablet for pre-k children and it also speaks Spanish, which I’m trying to teach my child anyway. We love it.

  3. Dana says:

    Kidz Delight Smooth Touch Tablet, Alphabet Fabulous. Wasn’t sure after reading other reviews what to expect. It is something that my nephew will be able to use for multiple years. The games that are on it are very good for reading preparedness.

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