For those looking for a blend of style and quad-core performance, the Lenovo TAB A8 comes in an elegant midnight blue cover with entertainment features built in. The 8-inch wide-view display produces bright HD images, while front-facing speakers with Dolby Audio bring your music, videos and games to life.


For those looking for a blend of style and quad-core performance, the colorful, midnight blue Lenovo A8 tablet delivers performance along with all your favorite entertainment features built in. The 8-inch wide-view display produces bright HD images, while a front-facing speaker with Dolby Digital Plus audio enhances your music, videos and Android games.


At a GlanceMidnight Blue cover8-inch wide-view HD display – 30% larger than 7-inch tabletsQuad-core processor – Smooth and responsive system to enhance your enjoymentFront and rear cameras – for pictures, video and web chatsLong battery life – up to 8 hoursSmart Sidebar – optimizes display settingsLenovo Premium Apps – Share with friends, secure and speed up your device and sync your contacts.Slim and portable – less than 9mm (.35-inch) thin and under 1 lb; can go with you anywhere
8” Wideview IPS Display

The A8’s HD multitouch display offers a clear and colorful viewing experience whether indoors or outside, plus 30% more screen real estate than a 7” tablet. The in-plane switching (IPS) screen delivers a wide viewing angle, perfect for sharing content with friends.

Slim and Light

At less than 9mm (.35”) thin and only weighing 350g (.79 lbs) the A8’s extra display size doesn’t cost you anything in terms of portability. The A8 is perfect for reading, listening to music, and web-surfing – and it can easily slide into a pocket or bag when not in use.

Quad Core Processing

Quad core processing enables better multitasking, delivers a smoother Android experience and eliminates stutter when playing games or HD video.

Long Battery Life

The A8 can go for up to 8 hours of continuous WiFi usage giving you freedom from charging for day trips and journeys.

Dual Cameras

The A8 takes great photos with the 5 megapixel rear camera and super selfies with the 2 megapixel front camera, which is also great for web chat with your friends.

Satellite GPS

Never get lost with built in satellite GPS that works offline.

Lenovo DOit Apps

Lenovo’s new DOit series of apps let you and your device do more including sharing data with other Android devices without requiring a network, preventing viruses and malware, and backing up your contacts and sms log.

Complete Connectivity

Micro USB for charging and connecting peripherals, plus a micro SD card slot for convenience and easy storage expandability.


3 thoughts on “Lenovo IdeaTab A8-50 8-Inch 16 GB Tablet

  1. Eric Wilson "firegod" says:

    Very nice well rounded budget 8 inch tablet Just to clear the air on some of the note’s another reviewer felt the need to leave on this tablet. first! far as reviews go, this tablet just released as of April of this year in the US and as for the number of reviews, a very small percentage of people that purchase a item, ever even leave a review. and second, the youtube audio and video synce problem’s are nothing new, and youtube continue’s to have such issue’s with there software, but can be effected this way by many other factor’s, like the browser used, video format ,internet bandwidth and some time’s hardware and OS conflict’s, but very unlikely, now with that said, let’s move on. I’m not a new comer to the PC, notebook or tablet world, have been using such device’s for over twenty years. As far as the Lenovo ideatab go’s I have had some time now to put it through some test, like HD 1080p video playback, this included Youtube and Netflix, which viewed very well with no such issue’s stated above and considering it only has a…

  2. Robert Stutler says:

    I FINALLY FOUND A RELIABLE ANDROID TABLET. THANKS LENOVO. I’ve tried many 8″ Android tablets including Dell, Samsung and Asus. They were all returned to Amazon due to stability or incompatibility issues that I just can’t / won’t tolerate. My job requires some sort of tablet that is flexible, stable and dependable. I have an iPad Air that works great but is a bit too big. I’m very satisfied with everything about this tablet. I use it daily and have never had any issues whatsoever, neither before the Kit Kat update nor after. If your looking for a stable, dependable and affordable Android tablet, this is it. I was about to give up on Android OS because of past experience with other devices but FINALLY I found one that actually works. Way to go Lenovo, you guys rock. The screen looks awesome, all the apps I use work perfectly and I don’t even need to take the charger to work because the battery saving features Lenovo incorporated in this device are flawless. All day battery life with moderate to heavy usage and plenty left when I get home…

  3. JohnDaGeek says:

    OK, Couldn’t resist… (Updated) I’d been looking at the Asus Memo Pad 8, planning to buy, then saw this one. Asus and Lenovo are both are solid names with good reputations, I’ve owned and loved laptops made by both. The price is practically the same. I’m not normally an “early adopter,” but the dual front speakers and a color other than white are what sold me on this one. I ordered it today, should be here Tuesday, so more to follow.Update:The build feels solid, and finish feels good and “grippy.”Display is bright, and looks good from the side. I’m generally using it at 60% brightness in normal room light. I like the 8” form factor, my eyes aren’t young any more. :)The sound is OK, the SINGLE speaker faces front and is about what you’d expect.Battery life: It drops about 2% per hour when in “standby.” Watching videos will use about 14% per hour with the display at 60% brightness.There’s not a lot of bloatware. Of the 16GB of storage,…

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