Who says that pretty can’t be practical? It’s time for a tablet that’s more than meets the eye. Powerful processing and beautiful design unite on Surface. Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, Surface’s integrated Kickstand and revolutionary Touch Cover let you work, play, and connect with others like never before. Plug into external displays like projectors and HDTV, and share your world. Pre-loaded with Windows RT, Microsoft Office 2013 RT, Xbox apps, and other essentials.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface 7ZR-00001 RT Tablet 64GB

  1. A. Fischer "StarHopper" says:

    Don’t believe the Naysayers! This one’s a keeper First off, I need to say that I am fluent in both Macintosh and Windows environments. In my home there are two ipads, a mac, and a windows 7 laptop.I must say that I purchased this with no small amount of trepidation on 9/14/2013. I did not purchase it from Amazon, rather, I purchased from a reseller on ebay.After reading so many negative reviews, I was afraid to pull the trigger. But, I went on Youtube and watched RECENT reviews by ACTUAL USERS and they overwhelmingly seemed to indicate that this little tablet was a worthwhile investment.I knew going into this that Windows 8 “RT” was a “hobbled” version of Windows 8 and I couldn’t use old windows 7 programs on this little guy. Only apps that can be downloaded from the Microsoft App store will work. But, if you think about it, this is very similar to the ipad. You cannot use Macintosh programs on the ipad – you can only use those apps which you can download from the Apple App store…

  2. Don "Don" says:

    A remarkable gadget I work on a freelance basis, mainly as a writer. Wanted something I could keep with me when I travel – even on vacations seems like clients come up with last minute projects. Office RT fine for what I need. Have only had for a week, but notice no difference between this version of Word and what I normally use.Surface itself is a remarkable machine. Very small and lightweight – 2 lbs w the Type Cover. Plenty fast for Word and Internet. I do appreciate the long battery life. The Type Cover is fine for touch typists – no issue as long as use it on a desk or table.Now on my lap, a different story. This is not a laptop and the fact that the screen does not stay up is an issue when not at a desk. Interviewed someone in a car the other day – screen just lay flat on my knee and could not see it at all. For apps, that’s fine, fold the keyboard behind the screen and use it as a tablet. For touch typing, the major drawback of this system. Other drawback, of course, is the…

  3. Neeraj Bhatnagar "Amazing Buyer Seller" says:

    Don’t hesitate to buy this product About myself: Not much into apps and games. I bought this computer to manage my work life: 1). reading books 2) managing appointments and emails 3) Web browsing 4) Storage in the cloud 5) Portable way to show power point presentations.What I used or considered before buying: Nook, Samsung Galaxy, Other Android devices, IPADWhy I am satisfied: 1) Active tiles are very useful. They give you information without a click. No other OS matches this.2) Screen size is very convenient. Any 7″ or 8″ device will not work for me.3) The UI is very fast and fluid. It all appears to be one single application doing different things for you. I think Metro is the best touch interface.4) I use Kindle to read e-books. This tablet has a beautiful Kindle application that works.5) There are many subtle things. When you click on a link in an email, the screen automatically splits into two parts, one for the email and other for the browser…

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