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3 thoughts on “RCA Viking Pro 10″ 2-in-1 Tablet 32GB Quad Core Blue Laptop Computer with Touchscreen and Detachable Keyboard Google Android 5.0 Lollipop l

  1. BetonySkye says:

    Excellent tablet The first time I purchased the tablet it came broken (there were two cracks in the screen) even though the packaging wasn’t damaged, which makes me think it was broken before the seller sent it. It was is very frustrating since it took a week to arrive even with Prime shipping. I ended up returning it and buying from Reutz Deals instead. They got the tablet to me a day early (it took only two days to arrive) which is awesome and this time it was in perfect condition. They also contacted me later to make sure the tablet was undamaged and working for me. So overal I highly recommend buying from Reutz Deals if you’re uncertain.I’ve used the tablet for about a week now, and so far it works great! It’s fast, the screen is crisp, clear, and bright, and the keyboard is awesome. It’s surprisingly high quality considering the price. My only complaint is that the sound isn’t very good when watching shows or playing music out loud on the tablet, but this is easily fixed with…

  2. Jeremy Byrom says:

    3 months in the review. Great replacement for a portable DVD player!!! Our portable RCA DVD player broke after years of use and abuse by our children. I decided I would replace it with a tablet instead. Tablets are super cheap now and actually cost about the same as a portable DVD player, except that they have wifi, apps, games, touch-screens and more. The only drawback to this plan was that I knew I would have to buy a good sized SD card to go with it so I could put a few movies on it for when we don’t have wifi… In the long run this downfall had some major updrafts to more than compensate for the time and money spent converting DVD video to be viewed on Android tablet. The benefit was space! No DVDs to have to carry around, get lost, scratched, etc.I will likely never buy a portable DVD player again, modern technology is bulldozing over and replacing yet another piece of equipment… in a good way. If you don’t already have a program for converting video and media files, I highly recommend “Any Video Converter.” just the free…

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