Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T550NZWAXAR 9.7 inch 1.5 GHz, 16GB, Android 5.0 Lollipop Tablet, White. Keep All Your Samsung Devices In Sync. Connecting your Samsung devices is easier than ever. With Samsung Side Sync 3.0 and Quick Connect, you can share content and work effortlessly between your Samsung tablet, smartphone and personal computer. Do Two Things at Once. Make the most out of your tablet time with advanced multitasking tools. Easily open two apps side by side so you can flip through your photos while browsing online. Check social media and your social calendar at the same time. With Multi Window on the Galaxy Tab A, you can do more, faster. Kids Mode gives parents peace of mind while providing a colorful, engaging place for kids to play. Easily manage what your kids access and how long they spend using it, all while keeping your own documents private. Available for free from Samsung Galaxy Essentials, Kids Mode keeps your content-and more importantly, your kids- safe and secure. Your Perfect Office Partner. Personalized Logins For Everyone. Never Put Your Tablet Down. Capture More Real-Time Moments. The Easy Way to Transfer Content to a New Device. Ultra Power Saving Mode. More To Discover. More To Love. Keep It All With You. The Next Big Thing in Music.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T550NZWAXAR 9.7-Inch Tablet (16 GB, White)

  1. Daisy "Daisy S" says:

    Very nice tablet, performs well, but the resolution is rather low… For me, I have had this tablet close to the first day it came out and I really am please. I was looking for a 9.7 size and a tablet that would do what I wanted a nice and useful tablet yet not the most pricey one out there. Hence, I bought this Tab A 9.7 and am so pleased with it. The purpose of this review is to hopefully help you decide if this tablet is the right one for you or not… Below are the PROS and the CONS that I found after testing this tablet:PROS/SPECIAL FEATURES:+ Size – I had the Tab 4 10.1 and the 8.0 before this tablet. The 10.1 was just too large and bulky and heavy. This tablet is lighter than my old Tab 4 10.1 and more comfortable to hold and to carry in my purse or backpack.- Not the best Screen Resolution, Brightness and Other Info – Yes, it is true the screen resolution is on the lower side and before I purchased this, I was a little wary. However, what I discovered is clear and bright and very easy to read books, go…

  2. Mark Litchfield says:

    Very Good Budget Tablet But Screen Resolution May Be a Deal Breaker For Some I purchased the 8″ Samsung Galaxy Tab A from a different retailer last night as part of a promotion they are offering when trading in a used tablet. My previous tablet was a Nexus 7 2012 that had become almost unusable due to the Lollipop update. Screens were slow, reading a book became tedious because turning pages was too slow and a slew of other complaints too numerous to name. All of this was solved by the Galaxy Tab A.This tablet is not perfect though. The screen resolution is a glaring con, especially coming from a higher end tablet like a Nexus 7. The XGA 1024×768 resolution is very lackluster when considering that most 8″ tablet are either 1280×800 or 1920×1200. This is why I can only give the tablet 4 stars instead of 5. When reading books the pixelation of the screen is noticeable, but not so bad as to make it unreadable. I imagine that in a few weeks I won’t notice the pixelation as much as I do now. The good news is that this was my only con with the…

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