With its removable wireless Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard, email, chat and more with ease and efficiency. It features durable, stylish and streamlined PU leather that is also lightweight, portable and compact and lets you have full access to all the Galaxy Tab 10.1″ controls. The case also includes front and rear-facing camera holes allowing you to use the cameras without having to remove the tablet from its case. This bluetooth enabled keyboard also features special function keys for volume control, media playback, etc.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab SamTab10.1-2 10.1 Inch Portfolio Case with Removable Bluetooth Keyboard

  1. Jess, RN says:

    I was VERY impressed! I was worried that, because this product was so affordable, it would be a piece of junk. It is QUITE the opposite! I’m not very familiar with tech ANYTHING (except typing and surfing the internet and Pinterest) so my research was all based on product reviews before making my decision. The case itself is very sturdy and my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 fits in it perfectly. All of the buttons are easily accessible around the edges on the tablet itself. The keyboard is removable, but stays in place with a magnet (which I was not aware of when I made the purchase) and I think that is very nifty. Very simple to set up and start using. It’s a bit smaller than a laptop keyboard, which should be expected in order to fit in a tablet case. Once I got used to the keyboard set-up and where all the buttons are, it makes typing on a tablet SO much easier (using it to type this review). The backspace is a little tricky to find starting out and the space bar needs a little more emphasis sometimes. I haven’t…

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