Zeepad7.0 Android 4.0 tablet PC, 4GB Capacity, TF card support upto 32GB


– 0.3MP Single camera (Face-front camera) or Dual camera

– Boxchip A13, Cortex A8, Capacitive touch screen

– Built-in WIFI, Dual Camera, Youtube & Many other games

– Supports Skype Video Calling and Netflix Movies

– No Bluetooh

– HDMI, Supports 2160P video

– Battery: 2800mAh Li-ion Battery; 3 Hours working time

– Power Device: AC Adapter Input 100/240V


One tablet

One Stylus pen

One Screen protector

One USB adapter

One wall charger or usb charger

Product Features

  • ZEEPAD 7.0 Black Color 7.0 Zeepad Android 4.0 tablet PC, capacitive Touch Screen
  • Box Chip A13 Cortex A8, 4GB hard Drive, TF card support upto 32GB
  • Inbuilt WIFI, Camera, Youtube, Games like Angry Bird
  • Skyep Video Calling and Netflix Movies, eReader. Market App, Games etc

2 thoughts on “Zeepad 7.0 Allwinnwer A13 Boxchip Cortex A8 Android 4.0, 4GB Capacity, 512 MB.

  1. Chris in Phoenix says:

    Wow, well worth the money! I have several Android devices – phones and other tablets. I wanted a tablet for my daughter for Christmas; she is 8, and very tablet savvy (they use them at school, and also she uses mine). The pink case sold me on it, and the price (< $80 delivered). However, I was skeptical of the cost, and how functional it would really be.First off, it shipped very fast by USPS. It arrived within a few days. It was pristine. Along with the tablet was a screen protector, USB cable, charger, USB type-A adapter (which I assume is to connect USB devices such as flash drives and *maybe* keyboard - I plan to test both of these later today), earbud headphones and a decent (although unnecessary) stylus. Initially, I thought the screen was scratched, and not very responsive, but there is a protective plastic cover over it. Take that off, and put the screen protector on instead and it looks and works great. The capacitive touch is very good, especially considering the price.It...

  2. Lishai says:

    Great Starter Tablet Purchased product for my kids and I love it. My husband and I have the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 so we were looking for something very similar but smaller for the kids. This is the closest by far to the high end tablets for a great price. I love how it runs off the play store, many we have looked at were Android but they ran off of the “get jar” market and didn’t have much like the play store does. I recommend this product to everyone looking for and affordable tablet.

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