Advice from a Computer Engineering (BSCE) student from

A student enrolled in a computer engineering (BSCE) Program offers advice for students considering going into this important.
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Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date created: 15 February 2013 Class Length: 17.05 Tracks networking classes that need a computer …
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20 thoughts on “Tips From A Computer Engineering (BSCE) student from

  1. akbar uddin says:

    I want to learn many things from uu teach me and make me a computer guy like uweil I really love to learn this part of their cause in my passion .. not for sake or not for future growth

  2. marcellus furtado says:

    Hello from Brazil. Eli, I go to a class to prepare me to take an MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification. My question is: Is it a good idea to create a virtual lab running on Hyper-V have? I have the video just shows how to set up a lab with VirtualBox, very nice btw. Can you give me a tip on how to set up Hyper-V? tks man!

  3. Federico Benavidez says:

    7:00 ~ They say that you. A new subnet for the internal interface of the router laboratories, ie configure I take this situation, you ask, is considered as a different subnet into consideration? Is not that a different class C network? Sincerely,

  4. trinhthiduong says:

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  5. Richard Benfield says:

    I’ve only just found your channel. Really looking forward to watching more of your videos. I have a question. What are your thoughts on virtual router? I hope to build a large host system for a virtual laboratory. I want at least 2 different networks Labor / have subnets. I tried using Microsoft RRAS but at that time was not impressed. The new Hyper-V seems to have some new network virtualization, but I do not know much about him yet nicht.Danke, Richard

  6. Ahmed Abdo says:

    Q? -> I have connected the router ISP, and another router, my question is to the first router, I can replace the second router to a computer server so i server services for computers that are connected to the second router may have to provide?

  7. norge696 says:

    That’s pretty much chaining together of LAN-WAN router ports. I always put the second router in DMZ mode form the first configuration of the router. Then forward ports on the second router. If you disable DHCP connected with LAN to LAN, it would act as a switch.

  8. arnoldcustom says:

    I know the Very hi end Ruckus Wireless systems I we sel each AP as a network, put each AP with difernt user settings, such as café being placed network have a 1 AP, the sell-off per-user internet time, as adjusted per minute, per hour or, you can also specify how each AP diferent networks, which has all of its main controler, Ruckus call each other MFG go blowen out of the water if u never heard of them shouls aboce, no spaces. com, Iselling installation over 8 years Ruckus wirele

  9. arnoldcustom says:

    Eli before RaiderBoneDudehabe you a similer setup, you replied Connect the port to a switch and then connect one of the ports on the switch to your router Lab. Now my oofice conects one network canapy. canapy modem (ISP) modem router Trendnet for office, it is only 1-port modem, can I install modem to switch, switch to Office Router, Switch 2 Put both routers on router defernt subs, w / 2 IP routers in the first Router outs and Wan on different subnet?

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