Stay plugged in without the tether. The Anker® Qi-Enabled Single Position Wireless Charger creates the perfect charging home for your Qi-enabled devices-without the wire.

Qi for thee
Featuring the cutting edge Qi inductive charging technology, this innovation continues the quest for wireless freedom by eliminating yet another wire. This charger won’t waste your power either. The built-in energy efficient idle mode keeps its power usage to a minimum.

Simpler, better
No wires to untangle (or find), no adapters to come unplugged. Just set it on the center of the mat and it does the rest. Two display lights answer the simple questions: Power connected? Charging?

The low-key look
Slim, minimalistic and button-less, this charger fits perfectly on a desk or nightstand without drawing unneeded attention. So you can create a perfect charging home for your device without detracting from the décor.

Popular Compatible Models:
Direct Charge Models:

Nexus 5/4/7

LG Optimus LTE2/Spectrum

HTC Rezound/Incredible 2/Incredible 4 LTE

Fujitsu docomo F-10D/F-09D/F-03D/F-03D Girls’

Sharp docomo SH-07D/SH-04D/SH-02D/SH-13C

Panasonic docomo P-06D/NEC docomo N-01D

Models that Require a Wireless Charging Case / Cover Adapter:

iPhone 3G/4s/5/5s/5c


Samsung Galaxy Note 3/2/S4/S3/i9300/Droid Charge

Nokia Lumia 820/925/925t/928/1020

HTC One / Droid DNA / 8X (UK version does not support QI wireless charging)
LG D1L Optimus G/Optimus Vu2 / Droid MAXX/Xperia Z1

1. Confirm that your device is Qi-compliant before purchase.

2. Protective cases that exceed 5mm / 0.2in thick prevent the charger from working and may have to be removed before charging.

3. Newly upgraded to a standard USB input port….

3 thoughts on “Anker® Wireless Charger Qi-Enabled USB Charger for Nexus 5 / 7 / 4; Lumia 920, Samsung, iPhone, LG, HTC and Other Qi-Enabled Phones and Tablets – White

  1. Joseph Siu says:

    UPDATED: Not so great with Google LG Nexus 5; Works Great With Nexus 4 – Better Than LG Charger! UPDATED: Just a quick update to my review as I’ve upgrade my phone to a Nexus 5. While this charger still works superbly with the Nexus 4 after over a year, it requires a delicate phone placement in order to charge the Nexus 5, which is a disappointment. In addition, the phone will only charge when it is placed on the edge of the charging pad (extremely off center). Good part? It still works! I’m now hunting for a replacement as I am addicted to the ease of slapping a phone onto a charging pad without a second glance and have it charged and ready to go when I pick it up.———–ORIGINAL REVIEW:Anker is a company that’s been around for a while and is well known for their great replacement batteries and portable USB batteries, which I have several. When I saw that they released a Qi charger just as I was searching for a second charger for my new LG Nexus 4 (I also have the LG WCP-700 Qi charger), I figured I should give them a try. I was a bit…

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