ASUS, UX303LB-DS74T, 13.3″ IPS QHD+ (32001800), glossy (Smokey Brown ), Intel Core i7-5500U 2.4GHz (Turbo up to 3GHz) Broadwell, 12GB DDR3L (1600MHz), 512GB SSD, 802.11AC, Bluetooth 4.0, Windows 8.1 (64bit)

3 thoughts on “ASUS Zenbook UX303LB QHD 13.3 Inch Laptop (Intel Core i7, 12 GB, 512GB SSD, Smokey Brown) NVIDIA Discrete GPU GT940M- Free Upgrade to Windows 10

  1. CJB says:

    And God said, let there be ultrabooks; and at once there was the UX303LB This laptop is pretty damn near perfect.Pros:-Keyboard is really satisfying to type with-Runs incredibly smooth, especially after upgrading to Windows 10-Fast-Battery life is respectable and battery saving features really do make an impact-Wicked Fast-Screen resolution is fantastic and everything scales well in Windows 10-Did i mention this thing is fast?-Doesn’t get super hot even under a heavy load-The laptop looks great (I have the smoky brown finish and I thought I would hate it but I think it’s nice)-Feels sturdy and well built-Super portable-No issues with hinge yet but I’ll update if something happens (this was an issue with the UX303LN)-Gaming: I haven’t tested out any resource heavy games on this PC yet. I booted up Fallout NV and some Kerbal Space Program (neither of which are difficult to run) and both work great with no lag. I was consistently getting 45-50 FPS with Fallout NV. I…

  2. Benjamin Ye says:

    Best Ultrabook of 2015 I purchased this laptop from Office Depot in early August 2015, and I received it a few days after. I’ve been using it for a while now, and I’m extremely impressed with everything.First of all, the laptop gives off the feeling that it is an expensive, premium laptop. The purple-tinted silver aluminum screams durability and style, and the glossy high-resolution touch screen is elegant, whether powered on or off. The keyboard is extremely comfortable to use, almost akin to those found on the Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air lines. The touchpad is very sensitive, but with some fine tuning, feels like a great mix between that found on my previous laptop (Sony VAIO SVE14118FXW) and that found on a MacBook. The Bang & Olufsen speakers projects a deep bass sound a rich treble layer from what seems like inside the laptop, and on maximum volume, can fill a whole room with clear music. Overall, it feels like a Windows-based MacBook.Inside, the laptop boasts 12GB of…

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