13.3″ Full HD (1920×1080) / Intel i7-3517U (1.9Ghz) / 4GB DDR3 / Nvidia 620M 1GB / 500GB (W/ 24GB SSD reserved for Instant On) / Windows 7 Home Premium /802.11AGN + WIDI / CMOS HD Camera / Bluetooth 4.0 / Micro HDMI / USB to LAN / Mini VGA to VGA / Sleeve / Backlit Keyboard / 1YR Global Warranty / 1YR Accidental Damage / 30-Day Zero Bright Dot /2-way FREE shipping / 24-7 tech support

3 thoughts on “ASUS Zenbook UX32 13-Inch Laptop [OLD VERSION]

  1. Martin Kess says:

    Finally, an awesome ultrabook – if you upgrade it Truth be had, I’ve been pretty disappointed with ultrabook offerings so far – low resolution screens, terrible keyboards and below average power. With the UX31A and UX32VD series, Asus promised to change all of that, and, in my opinion, succeeded remarkably well.1. Design/Aesthetics. This is a very pretty machine. It’s lightweight, looks good and doesn’t seem to smudge. Not much more that I can say here – it’s pretty and sleek. I wish that it had a MacSafe power adapter instead of the right angled plug, but I guess we have patents to blame for that.2. Keyboard. The keyboard on this machine is fantastic. I would put it in the same league as the MacBook Air’s keyboard, which is to say that it is very very good. In comparison, I thought that the keyboard on the original Zenbook was terrible. It’s not quite as nice as the keyboard on my Lenovo T430, but it is still really high quality, and probably the best ultrabook keyboard currently available (and backlit, too)…

  2. LeoDM says:

    The best ultrabook if you’re willing to buy an SSD for it For specific details about the product I suggest reading other reviews from Amazon or other sites especially those done by Notebookcheck (here: […]) or Anand (here: […]). Keep in mind that Anand’s review is for a different model of the same series, but many of the things are similar and there is some good info in there.I HIGHLY suggest you read this review before buying. I am going to go over main points that I think everyone should be aware of before buying.Disclaimer: For me this is a 5 star machine after the upgrades. I rate it 3 stars based on how it came from Asus. If you don’t want to upgrade the hardware or don’t feel comfortable opening the laptop, I would suggest getting either a UX31A or something like a Samsung Series 9.1. Only buy this computer if you are willing to upgrade the HDD to an SSD. SSD prices are falling rapidly and you can even get a 240GB SATA III drive for $210 now if you shop around (this is end of June, 2012). Make…

  3. TJP says:

    This is a well designed Ultrabook As the other reviews have mentioned, this model has a gorgeous display. After calibrating the screen it looked even better. There’s nothing like a good IPS display! It has a slight matte finish, but is still very sharp and bright.With the original configuration, Windows was using 2.8GBs of RAM. I recommend you either uninstall some of the Asus add-ons or do as I did and take advantage of the ability to upgrade the RAM. I purchased a Patriot 8GB RAM module from Amazon that bumps the unit up to 10GB’s.The keyboard is OK. I’m not a big fan of the chiclet style keyboard.The touchpad is large and does get in the way when you’re typing. It’s very easy for your palm to touch it while typing, sending you cursor off to a random location. However, you can turn it off by using the Fn key.I’m using it with a bluetooth mouse, with the touchpad disabled. I like using bluetooth for the wireless mouse becuase there’s no USB dongle sticking out.The…

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