This Dell XPS XPS11-9091CFB laptop features a 360° 2-in-1 design that enables you to switch between tablet, tablet stand, tent and laptop modes. The 11.6″ LED-backlit touch screen makes navigation simple and showcases images in high-definition.

2 thoughts on “Dell XPS 2-in-1 Ultrabook Laptop Computer – 11.6″ Quad HD Touch-Screen – Intel Core i5 – 4GB Memory – 128GB Solid State Drive – Carbon Fiber, Model XPS119091CFB

  1. PhD says:

    A Beautiful Machine Ruined By an Incredibly BAD Keyboard Driver I got this as a self-Christmas present the day before Christmas 2014. I really wanted to love this Ultrabook. So much of it is top notch. The screen is fantastic, the boot time is good, the size, build quality, and form factor are great. What kills this machine, and why I had to return it to Amazon (thank you Amazon!!!) is the incredibly bad keyboard. Other reviews I read talked about the keyboard being bad, but there were some I read that said it wasn’t too bad, so I thought I’d take a chance and buy it. Well, it is TERRIBLE. When I first went through the initial startup for Windows 8, I did not notice it, but afterward I found that there was over a TWO SECOND hold required before a keystroke from the physical keyboard would register in a program. I could avoid this if I used the virtual keyboard on the screen (which was fine) but when starting up that keyboard it would automatically resize the app or program window and it would remain resized after I closed the virtual keyboard…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Very cool (not perfect) Have only been using the computer for a couple of days, so these comments are preliminary. Pretty much agree with some other reviewers the unit itself is very near a work of art with exception of the keyboard (and couple other minor issues). Keyboard lends itself well to tablet mode since it’s flat and no moving keys with openings inbetween. But it’s definitely a new breed and takes getting used to, but most will gain a feel for it. Part of the trick is to have your hands perfectly positioned over the keyboard. Two notches on the “F” and “J” keys help. My typing has gone from slow & erratic to probably 50wpm or better now, which is close to my normal speed. Dell probably badly underestimated the learning curve this would cause. But it’s definitely designed for and handles rapid input. The trackpad point-and-click is very accurate when used as a laptop, and great screen navigation as a tablet, and merely “flip’ to get from one way to the other. The 2+ pound weight doesn’t bother…

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