At just 12.9 mm, the thinnest notebook HP ever made is guaranteed to intrigue with an artfully-crafted aluminum and magnesium body. Extraordinary performance and supreme thinness go hand in hand. With 6th generation Intel® CoreTM processor power, SSD drive, and a full range of ports, this notebook was made to impress. Intel’s latest AC WLAN network card can provide amazingly fast web surfing. It comes with award-winning HP Support and Warranty.

3 thoughts on “HP Envy 13t 13.3-inch 8GB 512GB SSD QHD+ Windows 10 Home Ultrabook Laptop Computer

  1. OldnAchy says:

    Almost a Perfect Laptop I bought the 13-4102 Spectre 2 in 1 laptop to perform activities like word processing, spreadsheet, web browsing, video streaming etc. I must say that this is a great little laptop except for audio. In particular:- The QHD display (quad HD, 2560X1440 or 4 times 720P resolution) renders everything clearly on the 13 inch screen.- The AC wireless adapter along with my AC home network and high speed internet allows for clear HD video streaming with no stutter. I was very impressed with this.- The 512GB SSD drive will provide ample room for most of my stuff (even with the 65GB that Windows 10 and apps use) and data operations are very fast. Again I was impressed with the speed. I do record gameplay video and will move those files to my desktop to render, provide voice over commentary, and archive, thus keeping the storage requirements down on this laptop.- The Intel I7-5500U processor, while dual core, with the 8GB RAM installed, does provide enough processing…

  2. Terk says:

    I love this machine This is my first review ever. The version sold by HP or by Amazon was too expensive so I scoured eBay for a deal (fortunately the warranty works like Apple where the warranty starts the day you start using the machine not the day you purchase or receive. However I found that HP locks the warranty to a particular country to I registered to the country I am moving to in a few weeks time).This is a nifty little machine. True, it is heavy compared to other ultraportables, but I could not find another ultraportable that is also a 2-in-1 and has high specs. I bought the top range XPS13 from Dell, which was extremely beautiful except it wont fold into a tablet. I returned the Dell machine. I am given a light ultra portable laptop from work but I wanted one that is my own since I could not use my work machine to do personal stuff (no unauthorised installation of software including iTunes, movies, Dropbox, etc). My last laptop was a first gen ultraportable from Lenovo (Thinkpad…

  3. KRMD says:

    Superb 13.3-Inch HP ENVY Core i7 8GB/512GB Notebook Computer with Impeccable Quality, Strong Performance, and Tremendous Value From the standpoint of its numerous premium features and components, and from the standpoint of the tremendous value with which it would provide a prospective buyer, this new 13.3-Inch HP ENVY Core i7 8GB/512GB laptop is an unequivocal five-star computer. The abbreviated version of this review, is that the new 13.3-Inch HP ENVY Core i7 8GB/512GB notebook computer is characterized by a beautiful design, impeccable construction, and spectacular power and performance. Its understated and elegant silver design is absolutely exquisite, and its sleek aluminum and magnesium unibody construction is equally impressive. It is extraordinarily thin, with a height of only 0.51-Inch (12.9mm), and its weight is 3.0 pounds, which is comparatively light. Its gorgeous display is comprised of a very bright Quad-HD Plus 3200x1800p non-touch IPS panel, which is exceedingly crisp, vivid, and vibrant, and which delivers outstanding color rendering, as well as extremely wide viewing angles. Both the backlit…

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