Introducing the new Lenovo Flex 3, a 14″ affordable, four-mode Laptop. A PC when you need it, a tablet when you want it, and more. Easily change between four modes – Laptop, Stand, Tent, and Tablet. The 14″ Lenovo Flex 3’s unique design and touchscreen display allows the screen to flip around 360, which means you can select the mode you use based on what you choose to Do.

3 thoughts on “Lenovo Flex 3 14-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD) 80JK0021US

  1. L. Wallach says:

    A promising, powerful 2-in-1 laptop I thought I’d do something a little different with this review and write my thoughts as I explore this laptop. There is really so much to write about, I’d rather start getting some of it out for people considering this laptop and add and clarify items after I become more familiar with it.A couple of quick note before I start. I’ve been working with Windows PC’s and laptops for the past 20+ years. Actually from Windows 3.0 up through Windows 7.0. While I’ve played with Windows 8/8.1 in the past, I haven’t actually used one as my main personal or work PC, so this PC is a learning opportunity for me both with this somewhat different user interface as well as the newer types of interacting with such a PC – ie the touchscreen/table interface vs. the standard keyboard and mouse that I’ve been using for ages. At work I still use a similar 15.6″ (Windows 7), while elsewhere I’m increasingly using an 11.6″ Chromebook.The other note I’ll mention is related…

  2. Southern Mississippi "G. Miller" says:

    I might be in love! First of all, let me warn you that this is NOT one of the highly technical reviews that examines the technical capabilities of this computer in great detail that manages to confuse the average user to the point that they have no idea whether or not a particular computer is going to do what they want it to. I’m not a power user, although I have used computers for a very long time. I am a wicked multi-tasker who strains the capabilities with numerous windows and programs running simultaneously. On the other hand, I’m married to a geek.I had switched to Windows 8.1 a couple of months ago when I replaced a malfunctioning laptop with a new one that was far faster and had more memory, making it better suited to the way I use a computer. When I was offered this one in exchange for a review, I was thrilled. My new laptop had not included a touch screen, and I was regretting not buying one that included that feature. This was the perfect opportunity to compare my new Toshiba…

  3. Brian Koch "Aspiring Photographer" says:

    Good at Everything, Great at Nothing This is a good all around PC. I’ve used computers for around 30 years now including every version of Windows. I’ve had everything from high-end gaming PCs that I built myself to bargain computers on sale at Best Buy. It is probably also important to mention that I have a computer science degree and have been actively working as a programmer/systems analyst for the last 15 years, so I’m not the average user by any means. I expect a lot from my hardware and software and tend to be more critical than most since I know what is and is not possible.With all that being said, I do not have any major complaints about this Laptop. I’ve used somewhere around 50 different Laptops and tablets between my job and home from early models that weighed about 20 lbs and took 6 minutes to boot all the way to the ASUS transformer, every iPad, and various high-end development laptops I use for work. And this PC falls somewhere near the upper-end of the spectrum as of this writing. It…

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