See our full CES 2012 Coverage ➜ ★ Nerd Junkies: CES 2012 MasterImage is no newcomer to 3D screens when they showed off the first 10-inch glasses-free 3D glasses free tablet screen on running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The thing of beauty Titanic was presented in the 30th at 720P with an amazing clarity and superior viewing angle Look for more of these guys in the near future or your future tablet! ★ This year we’re heading to Las Vegas for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, and you have the opportunity to join us on twitter and tell us what you want. Know of a big booth with some cool tech, met us and give us a booth number @ Nerd_Junkies – Also check out our event hub on our site here for updates! CES 2012 Event Hub: Use the Shoutbox, Luke! ➜ Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = -. = Nerd Junkies Clay and Joel tackle on the weekly entertainment and tech news Live every Tuesday at 05.00 clock PST – 20:00 ET on http Get the recordings here on TGN Let’s Play! CES 2012 Event Hub: Official Site: Google+ Facebook: Twitter: Clay’s Twitter: Joe’s Twitter: = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = What is WAY ➚? How do I get more views on YouTube? ▲ TGN grew from 0 to 10,000,000 in 5 months and shares

• Wreck-It Ralph (2012) – shipments of Movie Night, every Friday night at: Movie Night ~ ~ ~ ~ This “Quick Review” is an excerpt from a full episode. The inclusion viewer comments and tweets check your host and film critic Jonathan Paula everything from opening day last versions DVDs and classics from years past. Along with your votes, these films are scored on the “Rate-O-Matic” for a 1-10 ranking. A “five-word summary” encapsulates quickly evaluate each, while “Factor Facts” highlight the best and worst characteristics of a film in each of the ten categories. New episodes every Friday (November to May) on the JPizzle1122 channel. Born in February 1986, Jonathan Paula is a professional YouTuber and creator of the hit web series, “Is it a good idea to Microwave This?”. In April 2006 he founded Jogwheel Productions, a new media law production company that specializes in web video. He was checked films since 2003, and professionally since 2009. Jon graduated from Emerson College in 2008 with a degree in Television Production / Radio Broadcasting. He currently lives in Rockingham, NH with his wife Rebecca. ~ ~ Links ~ ~ Facebook —————- Twitter ——————— Main Channel ———– second channel ———— Movie Night Show —– FAQ Video —- ———– T-Shirts ——————- ~ ~ Technical ~ ~ Created by —- – Jonathan Paula Camera ———- Panasonic DVX-100b microphone …
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37 thoughts on “CES 2012 – 10 “Glasses Free 3D Tablet Screen – MasterImage3D

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    Thank you, we will not have to lie. We would love to have a BlueMic. Will return to stop by and check them later on today. The microphone actually cut from thick fingers Clays morning. And we are independent nerds assures us no one. Thanks for the props though! ^ _ ^ D

  4. Alyssa Heart says:

    I hope I can go see this movie and not from my 8th Class peers to be laughed at -. – But the movie looks epic with tons of characters from video game that adults and children know and love. But more often than adults, perhaps because I do not know that some of them. Or I’m not the biggest gaming nerd.

  5. Trevpocalypse says:

    Think of this gamers and movie buffs. Some time ago, a Japanese film company made an adaptation of the hit, Phoenix Wright. He received mostly positive reviews for a pitch-perfect adaptation of the game. With Wreck-It Ralph coming in November, which is basically a giant combination of everything every video game, this could be the end of Hollywood’s Video Game Movie his curse?

  6. OniNoYamiChan says:

    I’m incredibly excited for this movie, and even my friends who do not like to see Disney movies are like me excited. Partly because it about video games, but primarily because it come the first good-looking “boy” movie from Disney since Dinosaur, Treasure Planet and Atlantis. I love the princesses, sure, but their “boys” flicks seem a lot in my opinion, be better rounded, but they often fail at the box office.

  7. TehBalbo says:

    Did he just call Pocahontas one of the greatest animated films of all time? Well, at least he did not say Home on the Range. : PEs was nice to hear your thoughts on it, Jon! At first I was concerned that Disney wanted the whole thing, “cash in on gaming” to do, but this movie with me. Hooked to the trailer

  8. loomp says:

    Now Disney Pixar can not technically own but they may have some controlling interest in it, with Marvel Comics. But your still wrong about competing since John Lasseter, who is still with Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios and worked on The Princess and the Frog and produced to Wreck-It Ralph, and hopefully it wont be terrible like Chicken Little.

  9. loomp says:

    How can compete with Disney Pixar, Disney OWNS as Pixar, I think you are in competition with DreamWorks (but in my opinion no competition, since DreamWorks Animation movies SUCK) say. The biggest reason is under the Disney banner instead of Pixar is one because if this movie tanks is an ugly stain can maintain perfect record at Pixar and I’m not waiting for the release Redbox and just spend a $ 1.By the way all Disney movies you mentioned were well ask Matt Confused

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