www.youtube.com Click this to watch 2009 Gaming: All Your History (Decade’s End) S1E24! Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Ep. 1: All Your History S1E25 Ever since its founding, CES has been the site of technology’s biggest reveals. In this first episode of our retrospective, watch and see how the growing electronics industry made its own trade show to wow the world. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: www.youtube.com TAGS: yt:quality=high machinima CES Consumer Electronics Show 2010 2009 global international industry leaders professional research exhibition expo all your history base are belong to us product conference representatives exhibit dates event resources us united states sponsor location place e3
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LG unveiled the world’s first scanner mouse at CES 2011. LG girl Chelsea shows us the LSM-100 in action. SLAM Scan®, the technology behind the mouse scanner, was invented by the Swiss start-up Dacuda. Visit www.dacuda.com for more information

50 thoughts on “CES Part 1: Plugging In – Consumer Electronics Show

  1. ThePhilpism says:

    @supercrazydude13 they have made one. You’ll find it if you search ‘all your history rockstar’ (rockstar are the studio who make gta) or ‘all your history red dead redemption’ (both made by rockstar

  2. DrachMajor says:

    How we forget our history.. The CES shows were where PONG (Tennis for Two) was first shown.. AND stolen. It was also where the CEO of Atari blew a huge manufacturing deal with Nintendo because he saw Donkey Kong on the Colecovision.
    Oh, and Nintendo didn’t want the NES here. It didn’t exist yet. Nintendo wanted Atari to make the North American Famicom (see above as to why it never happened). they were interested in bringing the FAMICOM DISC SYSTEM to the US. the NES didn’t exist yet >facepalm<

  3. LeJimster says:

    They had these hand held scanners back when I was at school. Hardly revolutionary. But putting it in a mouse is a novel idea. If the quality is good I can see it being a very handy device.

  4. namwolfhound says:

    And why exactly do you think they chose her to demo the product? Not for her brains. Sex Sells. We all know that. Gets you over to the booth which is what her job is. She does a credible job of showing the product. She even was able to fix her mistake on the fly with no difficulty when she inadvertently selected too small an area. Overall I’d say she did a good job Ditzy Blonde or not.

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