The Vivitek LED projector is the future of home theater. We got a demonstration of the Vivitek projector at the the Consumer Electronics Show. The 1080p LED projector works perfectly with HD DVDs and with no lamp to replace, it’s one of the greenest projectors on the market. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips video for an inside look at the products at the Consumer Electronics Show.
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All the highlights from Europe’s biggest consumer electronics show. IFA, the world’s largest consumer electronics and home appliance show, opened its doors for the 51st time on 1 September 2011. For five hectic days, this annual extravaganza of all things electronic will redefine the consumer electronics landscape for the next 12 months, and we’ve been there to bring you all the best gadgets. For more gadgets announced at IFA 2011:

22 thoughts on “Consumer Electronics Show: Vivitek Projector

  1. ExpertRealEstateTips says:

    It is a pretty pricey piece of equipment. One of the great things about going to the CES show is getting to see all the “fantasy” items that can be translated into smaller sizes or more realistic uses for real people to own.

  2. ISFMAN says:

    Projection t.v. dont last for ever pal,did you think to change the bulb?..and are you so moronic that you think a projection t.v. from 3 years ago is the same as a led projector today..iguess you think a model T Ford is the same as a Ferrari as well…
    Your insults add to the fact that you clearly have the brain capacity of a gnat…

  3. hwy15 says:

    Jealousy??? I paid $2500 for a Vivitek 55″ T.V. it was nothing but trouble from day one. Finally went out altogether after less than 3 years. So pull your head out of your ass ya bloody ignorant Limey.

  4. ExpertRealEstateTips says:

    I have to say, this technology was amazing to see in person. Of course, you’re in a darkened room, with the best kind of surround sound blasting through all the other cool technology at CES. Thanks for the comment. Ilyce

  5. hwy15 says:

    Before you buy any Vivitek product I recommend you do a little online research as to how satisfied their customers are and how willing they are to back their products.

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