Follow me: Website: Siri is one of the best features of the iPhone 4S but its main drawback is its lack of third party application support. Luckily, a new workaround allows you to Tweet from the iPhone 4S using Siri. In order to do this you must 1. Create a contact named “Twitter” 2. Make the contact phone number 40404 3. Open Siri and say “send text to Twitter”….and then your tweet How To Tweet Using Siri On The iPhone 4S How To Tweet Using Siri On The iPhone 4S How To Tweet Using Siri On The iPhone 4S
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Rumor Roundup: What to Look Out for in 2012!

Rumor Roundup: What to Look Out for in 2012! Noah K is back for another holiday episode. Last week, he rounded up (woohoo!) all of the hottest rumors of 2011. This week, Noah provides some thoughts and insight on what to expect in the world of tech in 2012, specifically and especially at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 in Las Vegas!

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  1. sonicdeviant says:

    For those having trouble (i.e., the “I need a contact name” endless loop), just set ONLY the nickname and number and delete all other references to “Twitter” in the contact. That worked for me.

  2. Ishcoa says:


    Although I do believe that HTML5 is the future, it’s not been adopted widely enough to become completely mainstream. Flash is far from dead, 90% of the graphically intensive sites online are Flash based, and people are still making that transition from Flash to HTML5. I do see HTML5 becoming quite large and Flash becoming obsolete within the next year or two, but right now, Flash is still larger and it’s still important to have Flash player installed in a browser.


    Just a suggestion, when you make these videos it would be really cool if you put different times in the comments where you announce the different rumors. Because I think a lot of us end up having to skip around to get to the information we want.

  4. Benfoxprods says:

    Hey Noah- Wasn’t their a bet between you and one of your coworkers involving another iPad being released in 2011 and the loser dancing on camera, that person being You?

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