brand new sealed gsm t-mobile att factory unlocked for world wide

2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 7 Plus 4G LTE Unlocked GSM Quad Core Smartphone w/ 12MP Camera (US Version) Jet Black

  1. riferrei says:

    Please don’t Buy it. It is a Fake Product !!! Recently I have purchased this product from ADZ1 and had the worst experience ever. Everything went very well, including delivery which was pretty fast. But once I put my hands on the product the frustrations started. Not only the product IS NOT ORIGINAL but lots of other items were suspicious as well, such as:- The software is not from Apple. Rather, it is a almost identical replica of the iOS software. For dummy users, it is easy to be fooled since the screen, commands and way to operate is the same. Luckily enough I work with IT (Software Development) and I could testify that the O.S running on the phone was a fake one with jailbreak. Even the option to reset all the settings to the factory wasn’t present. Rather, the user has a choice to access the command line to perform administrative tasks. Not in this world that this would be Apple software.- The language came all in Chinese, which indicates that either the phone came from there or has been used before…

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