The latest iPhone with advanced camera, better battery life, immersive speakers and water resistance!

2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 7 Unlocked Phone 32 GB – US Version (Silver)

  1. I.D. says:

    Actual iPhone 7 owner ___I have owned every iPhone since the 3G model. Every year for 7 years I have upgraded. In my household is a slew of Apple products from iPad’s, MacBook’s to iPhones. My household now has 3 new iPhone 7 models. But I am also a bigtime Android owner with several high end Android phones and tablets from various manufactures. The thing is, my family loves high end tech and appreciates quality regardless of brand, make or model.I follow the mobile tech world religiously and stay abreast of all new technologies and products from all companies, big and small. I watched the Keynote on September 7th live and listened to Apple pitch the iPhone 7. I pre-ordered the 7 at 3am EST on the 9th so I could have it in my hands on the 16th.But then I came to a realization about the 7 and 7 Plus that struck a chord with me. All the new tech on the 7 is not new at all, in fact has been on several phones in some cases since 2011. I also realized that…

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