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Macro Lens
– Features: Macro lens can take clear photos of small objects.
– Magnification: 15X
Wide Angle Lens
– Features: Wide Angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery.
– Magnification: 0.4X
Fisheye Lens
– Features: 180° of the scene can be captured by Fisheye Lens, which takes you into a stunning new world.
– Angle: 180°

Note : this phone clips do not fit iphone 7 plus

3 thoughts on “Onlier 3 in 1 Clips Phone Lens 0.4X Wide Lens Fisheye Lens 10X Macro Lens for Iphone7/6/6 Plus/5/5S;HTC; Samsung S5, S4,and Other Smartphone

  1. Prime Addiction says:

    This is a great lens set to have for your smart phone This is a great lens set to have for your smart phone. You can capture some amazing pictures. I got this especially for the wide angle and micro lens but we are having fun with the fish eye too. Here are some tips with this tool. Line up the clip with your camera eye before placing the lens on it. This will assure you have a great line shoot without interference. You will need the micro lens attached in order to use the fish eye lens. I found it easy to take the lenses off and on, but if you have trouble, place the lens cap over the fish eye lens and twist. This will work for any of the lenses. Unlike a SLR micro lens, you have to be right up on the object you are shooting for the micro lens to work so don’t be afraid to get really close. It comes with a small velvet pouch to carry them in which is handy. though I plan on buying a soft small hard case for it. It only comes with 2 lens cases and you really need 3 to protect all the lenses. You can fix this simply by leaving the micro…

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