Product Parameter:

•Standard Vesa: 200X100mm, 200X200mm, 300X300mm, 400x300mm, 400x400mm
• Tv size: 32″-50″
• Distance to the wall: 2″-18.3″
• Tilt angle: -2~10°
• Swivel angle: -45~45°
• Weight capacity: 66lbs
• Product dimension: 18″ x 17″ x (2″-18″)
• Color: black

Product features
1. Tilting angle between -2° to +12° reduces glare and improves view of TV screen
2. Full motion allows maximum flexibility: Extend, tilt, swivel and pan your TV between 2.2”/56mm and 18.3”/465mm from the wall
3. Articulating six arm design is attractive, secure and fully functional; mount is made of durable cold rolled steel
4. Extended articulating system: wide-angle swivel between -45°to +45° meet different viewing needs. One TV set is endowed with the multiple functions
5. 3° horizontal adjustment:you can fix installation errors within ±3°
6. Cable management system organizes and conceals unsightly cables
7. This mount is UL certified, which includes safety testing for load capacity 4x greater than the 66 lbs stated for consumer use
8. Cable management system: organize and conceal unsightly cables
9. Textured injection mold plastic adds decorative finish to the wall plating and arms

3 thoughts on “Articulating Arm 32-50 inch TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount, Full Motion Tilt Swivel and Rotate for 32″ 36″ 37″ 40″ 42″ 46″ 50″ LED TV Flat Panel Screen with VESA 400x400mm

  1. SpykeZ says:

    Same level as Sanus quality! I’m using this wall mount for this TV: I like Sanus products. They’re super well made and heavy duty. I needed to mount my TV to the wall and was about to drop 90 bucks on a Sanus wall mount and then decided to shop around. I found this company called Loktek. Seems all their products are highly regarded so I said screw it, it’s 1/3 the price of a Sanus so if it sucks, I can return it.This thing is on the same level as Sanus products! They made it SUPER easy to install and it’s quality just oozes from it. Cold rolled steel is pretty darn tough stuff and just overall well made. I was curious how I’d mount it by myself but really, it wasn’t that hard at all. Outside me having to run up to work (only 10 minutes away) to get some better tools to work with, install from start to finish was maybe 20 minutes.Some tips for those not so handy.1)…

  2. MuseGlance says:

    Grandma could ALmost do it. I am a grandma with limited mobility in my left arm, so I was worried about whether I could put this up or not. Admittedly it was intimidating opening the package with all the different items that made little sense to me. The instructions were also confusing in that section 3 a & b were above and below section 4. 2 said take off the plastic piece and 4 said put it on… if you followed the order by looking at the pictures only it wouldn’t make any sense. Eventually I found the right order. Had a son-in-law do the drilling of the holes and loosely put the screws in the wall then took a 10mm wrench and could tighten it. I wouldn’t use their little tool, you would be all day as it slips off.Lifting the 32 in tv up on it was easy as it hooks directly, but tightening the screw to hold it in takes a bit of head pressure while trying to get it locked in.I still need to tighten the downward tilt screw but it seems to be at the correct angle for my view so not a big deal. All and…

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