Introducing the all-new AVera 40″ Aeria LED HDTV. Enjoy an exceptional picture and sound quality with this full FH 40″ LED, which features a faster processer, providing high-quality picture and enhanced performance. Its low voltage LED technology makes this AVera televisions one of the best deals anywhere. Premium Multi Core Processer Enhanced Full HD Display and Color Quality The resolution of this TV is twice as high as standard HD TVs, with amazing brightness, clarity and color detail, which displays 1,080 (progressive) lines of resolution for a more detailed and clearer picture. CEC’s premium multi core processer enhanced technology delivers outstanding contrast, rich colors and enhanced dark-scene detail. CEC color enhancer technology provides enriched color and imagery. Reality picture Engine Driven High Effective Motion rate Enjoy high-speed action with good motion clarity, CEC reality picture engine processing speed and refresh rate acceleration technology uses the frame refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology to measure fast action and provide smother and clearer moving picture resolution. High Definition Stereo Audio This TV creates an impressive surround sound experience. The built-in audio system lets you enjoy crisp sound by decoding the encoded content and release discreet channels of audio data, delivering a premium surround sound experience with crisp dialog, enhanced bass, and consistent volume levels.

2 thoughts on “Avera 40AER10 40-Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model)

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    Decent, not the best. 3.5 stars This Avera 40AER10 40-Inch LED TV, it’s pretty good, but it’s not the bestLet’s weigh the pros and consPROS1. LED2. energy efficient – uses about $15 and half dollars of electricity a year if used at an average of 5 hours a day3. has 3 HDMI ports. My 32 inch vizio only had 2 and I had to change my WiiU to component since my X1 box from comcast is HDMI Out only.4. has one Component input and one Red/white/Yellow RCA input5. has a USB and co-ax Input6. easy to set upCONS1. it looks really grainy close up when watching broadcast and that’s while using HMDI and an HD Channel. my LCD 32 inch vizio tv didn’t look that grainy close up. However, my WiiU, blu-ray player don’t have that grainy-ness and it’s not as noticable watching the tv from afar.2. Only one set of Red and White Audio Jacks. So you can’t use both RCA and Component. You have to use one or the other unless…

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