Full HD 1080p LED TV, 60Hz, Energy Star Qualified. This leap forward in picture quality is the reason you wanted HDTV in the first place. Full HD 1080p meets the highest standards for high definition, displaying 1,080 lines of resolution on screen for a clearer, more detailed image that is simply breathtaking.

3 thoughts on “LG Electronics 49LF5400 49-Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model)

  1. Metsdada says:

    Quality picture. Not a smart TV – didn’t need one. Ok, got it via Prime – nice delivery.I was replacing an old DLP 50 inch TV. I have a smart DVD player, so I didn’t need a smart TV too. (bought the DVD player used for $30 – cool)This is a basic flat panel TV. I went for the name brand vs trying to save $50-$80 taking my chances on an unknown brand.Assembly – A piece of cake. Only 2 HDMI inputs on this, I’m using 2 already, so hope I do not need more.I am using the stand. I found that the feet provided were well made. Instructions as to how to install were not easy to find… I just winged it. In the end, it was cake, for the quality of the legs was way beyond my expectations, and, by offsetting the pins, you cant make a mistake of putting the legs on the wrong side. FYI, I have a 55 inch Samsung that had a stand that was quite poor…. So, for me this is a big plus.Sound – I don’t need anything special. It works quite well. It does not produce movie experience…

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