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3 thoughts on “LG Electronics 50LF6000 50-inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model)

  1. tekone "Military and Science" says:

    Best value I could find for price I was looking at the LB5000/5100 series and then decided when I saw that LG released the newer LF6000/6100 series. The picture is great, blacks and color are pretty good for LED (better than our 2014 2 grand Samsung). It is a non smart tv which I wanted, no point in getting a smart tv if you have a roku or Apple TV. The reflective surface is good in my well lit room, the sound seems on par with a modern TV. I can’t really tell the difference in quality between different tvs, what I care about is volume and clarity without tininess (is that a word?) and this fits the bill. The TV is so compact that I need to redo my TV area because my previous plasma 55 was larger and now the space looks empty and weird. So I would suggest if you have a 55 plasma now get the 60 or 65 version of this if dead space is important.The quality seems like typical LG, it is light and easy to assemble and seems well built. If I have any problems I will update, my wife bought the Amazon…

  2. Tom M. says:

    Good Stuff, not perfect, happy with it. I don’t want or need a “smart” TV, just a good sized screen and best picture for a reasonable price. I already have a 32 in in front of my face from my PC. This seems to fit the bill, time will tell. Many picture adjustments and filters in addition to about 11 presets; two of which are “expert”. These expert adjustments are a bit out of my league and apparently require a digital color wheel to do right. My past HD’s worked better after I tweeked the myriad of picture settings and filters, etc. I ended up resetting to factory on this model. I really couldn’t improve on the presets. The standard setting really seems best for almost all applications. Some hockey arenas are better with the expert preset and turning the dynamic contrast on. I got mine from Amazon for about 750 after taxes(the tax thing blindsided me. Again, someone with more video tech knowledge than I could probably make this TV perform even better. I had a JVC HD 42 inch from 2009 that it replaced in my…

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