Introducing the perfect solution for your small size TV needs. This Proscan 19-Inch SLIM LED TV is just right for your bedroom, kids room, college dorm, even kitchen! With a built in digital tuner you are set to receive all your favorite TV programming on the crisp clear screen. This TV can double as a computer monitor, just plug in your laptop or computer and you are done. The TV features an elegant and clean finish – ready to sit on a stand or be mounted to the wall. With a plethora of ports and connections you can hook this 19-Inch led TV up to so many devices. Sit back relax and enjoy years of pleasure with this great TV.

3 thoughts on “Proscan PLED1960 19-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV

  1. D. MATHIAS says:

    Cheap product…CHEAP customer service Had my PROSCAN only 4 months … Remote didn’t work from day #1, called company, they sent a new remote in 12 WEEKS … It didn’t fix the problem … For example, when you press #8, it should jump to channel 8 … Nope, never worked on ANY numbers, which was why I asked for new remote … That said & completed, I now have lines going thru the picture … After placing a different tv on that jack, to be certain it was the PROSCAN and not my wall jack, I called customer service …. I was informed that “I” must pay to ship the TV back to them, and they decide if I get a repair or replacement … Not fair, still under warranty! … Rep said it was a problem the company is aware of on this model … Well geez, then YOU should pay to fix it … I paid the purchase price already!It will cost about $25 to ship base rate, plus will take 6-8 weeks to get back the repaired tv … Is this fair? …. NO … I later found out thru feedback on several other websites that sell PROSCAN,…

  2. Vance says:

    Different purpose use – security monitor Ok,so I was installing a 4 channel wired surveillance system w/ dvr and needed a screen to view it with. I had no extra computer monitor but didn’t want a hulking CRT either…hence the flat screen. I did not think even generic computer monotors cost double what I paid for this..even clearance staples monitors were 50 bucks more…fine if I planned to have other purposes or possibilities for it but since I mainly wanted something for pure security monitoring…cheaper route is fine. Enter the Proscan. Since my security DVR had both HDMI and monitor ports…I found this for 88 bucks! Why not? Hooked it up and it worked fine!Cons:- Speakers are not great but since I’m only listening to security audio…no dolby surround needed- Light as all hell..plasticy – I thought I got an empty box but it was in there- Remote is cheapy but it works and serves the purpose, I’ll let you know if/when I drop it accidentally HAHA- TV menus are basic enough – spartan…

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