The RCA LED55G55R120Q 55″ 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV provides superb high definition images for your viewing pleasure. With its 55″ screen you can see more of what you want to see whether it is a Hollywood blockbuster or the big game. The 55″ LED TV panel provides an enjoyable entertainment experience. If you invite friends over everyone will be able to see a quality picture from just about anywhere in your living room.

One thought on “RCA 55″ LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV | LED55G55R120Q

  1. DozerCSX says:

    Ultra low power usage for 55 inch LED HDTV, plus modern 1080p LED benefits Just picked this TV up a week ago on clearance – the interesting distinguishing factor of this particular RCA LED 55 inch HDTV (designated “G55”) vs the C55, or almost any other 55 inch LED HDTV I have seen, is the uncannily low power rating for this set – the government yellow corner sticker for this TV denotes $18 per year – astonishingly low. The only lower ratings I found were on OLEDs and LEDs over a thousand dollars. This monitor unit is provided by a different vendor (Mstar) vs the C55 (Renesa), which carries a $35 annual rating. I don’t know why this particular RCA is rated so frugal, but I’ll take it, if for no other reason than to brag to my buddies! As per the picture, this TV kills my 6 year old 50 inch 1366×768 Samsung Plasma PN50B450B1D which it is replacing. (BTW that plasma carries a yellow sticker rating of $87 annual power usage). Another interesting criteria for me is that the two are almost identical in external size, but the 55 inch LED has a tiny…

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