Samsung UN24H4000

2 thoughts on “Samsung UN24H4000 24-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV

  1. Mike-and-Pam says:

    Love Samsung TVs! I don’t have time to write a lot of reviews. When I do, it’s either because I’m really pleased or really peaved about a purchase. In this case, I just have to put my two cents in about this TV, and Samsung TVs in general.Picture QualityWe have several LCD / LEDs in the house, both Sonys and Samsungs (including this one – the UN28H4000). The picture quality of all of them is beyond amazing with sharp lines, vibrant colors and deep blacks. All are great for viewing everything from the news to football games. I’m not really a “gamer”, but they all seem to display the action from my Xbox nicely too.Sound QualityWhere Samsung separates itself is in the sound in these smaller TVs. With a big screen, you’re almost sure to want to combine it with some kind of separate sound system (surround, sound bar, etc.). But darn it, I didn’t want to HAVE to buy a separate sound system for a small TV that’s going in the kitchen. Samsung is the only…

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