Experience real world resolution with the Samsung Smart HU6840 Ultra High Definition TV. The HU6840 includes exclusive technology that delivers incredibly lifelike UHD 4K picture quality. Watch any movie, sport, disc or streaming app at 4 times the resolution of Full HD. The HU6840 features UHD Dimming, which creates outstanding contrast levels and picture detail with deep, rich color. Explore the future of picture quality with the new HU6840.

2 thoughts on “Samsung UN55HU6840 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 60Hz Smart LED TV (2014 Model)

  1. vulcanman says:

    Incredible Upscaling capability. Makes 1080p look close to 4K. [Updated on 2/26/2015 – see bottom of this review for recent updates]I bought this from HHGREGG. It replaces a 2013 Vizio 1080p set that was professionally calibrated. Let me first state that I had the Vizio professionally calibrated late last year and have received praise from visitors on the clarity and black level on the Vizio.Last Friday, I came home after work and picked up the mail. In there was a flyer from hhgregg. I typically pause near the trash can to junk all these kinds of flyers … but this one caught my attention – a 55-inch Samsung 4K for $899. Apparently, they were celebrating Black Friday one week early.As my wife will vouch … we really had no need for a new TV. The 55-inch Vizio was absolutely fabulous. Our sources were Over-the-Air network channels, Apple TV, Roku 3, PS3, Panasonic Blu-Ray. You will notice that I don’t subscribe to cable. Instead I have connected an antenna to my Tivo Premiere and get superior quality network…

  2. Rick J says:

    Why haven’t you bought this TV yet?!?! Update 12/16/14I have had a few people ask about the back lighting. Let me answer the best I can on how the back light works on this set.This set uses edge lit leds and is not full array. If you dont understand these terms Google them as there are allot of great resources that explain how each works. Now this puts this LCD at a disadvantage straight away because edge lit LCD’s have a hard time keeping lighting consistency across the whole panel and the bigger the set the worse the effect. I noticed this most in gaming mode because it doesn’t dim the back light on totally dark scenes (this is how Samsung achieves such a high contrast) they will dim the back light when the screen is mostly dark however if you watch carefully you can see the LED’s dim from light to dark scenes. If you disable dynamic contrast or put the set in gaming mode it has the same effect and you can see the disadvantage of edge lit LED screens. However this was not even close to a deal…

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